China’s New Radar and Malaysia MH370: 370 Did Not Follow the Rules

You may remember recently when China announced its new radar restrictions (rules) for the rest of the world attempting to enter its airspace. The U.S. immediately sent two unannounced B-52 bombers with radar detection devices disabled into the airspace. China reported almost 800 foreign military violating the new rules in the first month alone. The Chinese military is reportedly extremely active over the area, with “87 warplanes over the sea on 51 missions” in the month of December.

Several of the guidelines were clearly not followed by the Malaysia Airlines flight, which was not

Sand Sculpture on Purl Beach in India

Sand Sculpture on Purl Beach in India

communicating with air traffic control. The airplane reportedly was also invisible to civilian radar, with Reuters quoting sources stating this suggested someone had turned off the radar transponder.

The point being that China had to know where this flight was, a flight carrying a majority of Chinese nationals.

Such military activity makes it unlikely any aircraft could fly over the South China Sea undetected for an extended period of time, as the Malaysia Airlines aircraft reportedly did for possibly hundreds of miles.

Is it possible China shot down Malaysia MH370?

There is a precedent for a country shooting down an unidentified passenger jet and then denying any knowledge of the incident. In 1983, a Soviet military jet infamously downed Korean Air Lines Flight 007 on its way to Seoul from New York City, killing all 269 passengers. Moscow at first denied the incident but later admitted it dispatched a Su-15 interceptor, claiming it believed the passenger plane was a U.S. spy craft.

Read the entire story by Aaron Klein at WND. Many thanks to friend and former U.S. diplomat, Norma Brown at Ooobie on Everything. If you are not following her now, I think you might want to.

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China’s New Radar and Malaysia MH370: 370 Did Not Follow The Rules

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