Baton Rouge Central Community School System Asks Parents of 1st Graders About Child’s Sexual Identity

It is unclear whether the following “psycho-social stressors” checklist is an official part of Common Core, but the alleged parent believes it is. If not, the school system likely understands that the words “Common Core” are toxic. The questionnaire is used to determine whether or not a child needs “special education.” The considerations for Special Ed have greatly expanded from what they were in the not-so-distant past.

On the right side of the “stressors” checklist, the alleged parent writes:

Due to John White’s gutting of the FERPA [Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) law, I understand my child’s personal information is no longer as secure as it once was. The questions on this paper are offensive, invasive and NONE of the school’s business. These questions are part of the unconstitution Common Core and have nothing to do with teaching him proper speech techniques. I DO NOT give permission for any school administrator or teacher or employee to ask my child these questions, either. Please honor our family’s 4th Amendment right and our right to privacy.

On the left side, the parent has circled the “Sexual Identity Issues” question and writes:

This is for a First grader! 1st graders shouldn’t even know what this is!


This is undoubtedly a part of Common Core. The Central Community School System has a link to Common Core of the front page of its website. It not originated by Common Core, it’s just another assault on families by leftists and progressives. They intend to live in your head.

Indiana has just repealed Common Core and Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has surprisingly stated that she supports the state Senate’s to bring repeal up for a vote. Read those details here.

Cry and Howl linked and has a related story – can you guess the liberal take on a story about rape, murder and the death penalty? 

H/T: The Federalist Papers

For Additional Information on Common Core, find articles here. Prepare to feel a chill.

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  • Steve

    Hey Maggie! I’m thinking about posting something (formulating in my mind) and want to borrow the picture … I’ll link back here.
    It’s sickening what the United States has become.

  • Fixall

    I have been posting for awhile now, that parents have to get more involved into the schools in their area. They must start finding out what the schools are trying to teach the youth of America. Bottom line(in my opinion): Brainwashing and the dumbing down of our youth. Wake up parents before it is too late.

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  • Jeremiah

    Schools not asking these sensitive questions are missing an opportunity to understand a girl who is coming to school dressed as a boy (or vis versa). Knowing these things are going on in the home helps the school social worker get on board with the teachers, the parents, the school counselor, etc to create a comprehensive approach to maximizing the student’s success.

    Relax Mom. No one is trying to take your kids away or invade their privacy, they are just trying to help YOUR child succeed.

    • Jeremiah, I disagree. If a child has a problem that needs to be addressed by a social worker, then the parent can go to the social worker without involving all children. If the parent doesn’t do due diligence, and a teacher (not a social worker) is concerned, the school can go to the parent. We don’t quiz everyone to attempt to figure out one.