A Constituent Meets Oklahoma Gov Mary Fallin – They Chat About Common Core

Governor Mary Fallin opened her Tulsa campaign office last week. A group of patriots met her there to discuss their opposition to Common Core State Standrds in Oklahoma. The day after the protest, I saw a Facebook entry by Joy Molina Collins describing her conversation with the Governor. Ms. Collins gave me permission to use her post and her photo. On Facebook it is impossible to paragraph text to make it readable, so I have taken the liberty to do so below (all emphasis is mine).


Yesterday, about 30 of us demonstrated in front of Governor Mary Fallin’s campaign kickoff in front of her Tulsa headquarters. I decided to go inside and speak to her. I greeted her with a hand shake. Almost in tears I let her know that I pray for her, that I’m a registered republican who would love to vote for her, but I can’t as long as she continues to support Common Core.

Her response was you’d be happy to know that is why I signed an executive order that ended common core in Oklahoma, my dear friend Karen Cook Cuellar chimed in to remind her that her executive order did not end Common Core in our state. I let her know that she has the opportunity to rise up and be heralded as the leader who saved public education, and that other states are watching and her decision would cause a ripple effect throughout the nation. Again, I strongly urged her to end Common Core.

Then I did what any person in their right mind would do…I asked to have my picture taken with her. Just when the pic was almost taken, one of her campaign assistants swoops in front of us in a true SNL fashion and rips a sign off the wall and attempts to get me to hold it, specifically in front of my t-shirt. I attempted to give her back her sign, it was an awkward moment.

In that moment, Gov Fallin asks, well you are here to support me aren’t you, I responded with…I’m here to tell you I’d like to support you, but I can’t as long as you continue to support Common Core. Then she says well I’ll hold the sign, again her campaign person attempts to position it in front of my t-shirt, and again I told her that is not going to happen. So Mary moved the sign and the pic was taken.

I shook her hand and thanked her and reminded her I’d continue praying for her…as I’m walking off she grabs my hand and gently pulls me closer and looks me in the eyes and says I want you too know I’m a Christian. I told her…I know, and I’ll keep praying for you, that the Lord would give you wisdom and discernment. (From my perspective, what I saw and felt, there is a place in her that is not at peace with her position on Common Core.

And I encourage you…that as you continue to bring awareness and demonstrate, don’t forget to stop and pray. We need to lift her up and ask that the Lord would surround her with people who are willing to bring truth, as she is surrounded with people who only agree with her. That she’d would have the boldness to repeal Common Core. Pray for her protection because I don’t doubt it would come at a cost.) Joy Molina Collins

Ms. Collins makes me proud to be a Conservative.

I have a post up today on Governor Fallin’s Executive Order and three specific questions that she should be asked. A ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to each is all that is required by the Governor. It should be easy.

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