Well Crap, Students Get Fried Chicken, Watermelon, Cornbread to Celebrate Black History Month & Have To Apologize

Finally, students get a menu that actually gets the salivary glands interested, and school officials have to apologize for it. Frankly, I don’t think fried chicken needs apology. The Black Student Union at a boys school wanted to celebrate Black History Month. A nearby Catholic girl’s school was involved in the menu planning, and “southern” cooking is apparently just flat-out wrong and disgusting in Northern California, as is most everything about the South, to most Liberals.

Racially Insensitive Fried Chicken - the worst thing in the World!

Racially Insensitive Fried Chicken – the worst thing in the World!

“Chicken, watermelon, collard greens — these stereotypes of black Southern culture come from the same place where the N-word comes from,” University of San Francisco professor James Taylor told NBC Bay Area. “This is not like this food represents some heroic moment in African American experience. What it represents is the degradation and the sterotyping of African Americans.” Source

I’m willing to bet that Martin Luther King, along with a majority of Americans and black celebrities, love fried chicken and watermelon. Is there any American of any color that didn’t enjoy fried chicken at some time? Because blacks in the south also like[d] it, (forced upon them, huh? – it’s still fried chicken!) we’ve made a mockery of a simple, delicious food, which is now “racially insensitive,” yet still beloved and enjoyed all across the United States. Fried chicken is eaten every day, by all ethnicities. Many in the world would give up their daily staple often, to have a plate of hot fried chicken laid before them. Many of us would eat watermelon everyday if it were available.

Other than the school saying they are “saddened and distressed,” they posted the following on their Facebook page:

Dear Parents, Students and Carondelet Community,

Carondelet High School has garnered significant media coverage this week regarding a campus announcement about the School’s celebration of Black History Month. Unfortunately, that announcement described a menu that was racially insensitive, and students, parents, community members, and media outlets are concerned about this insensitivity. We are, too. We would like to share with you the statement we are posting on our website, Facebook and have given to the media today.

Stereotyping fried chicken and blacks is a conscious abuse of both. Stop it! We need a ‘Stand Up for Fried Chicken Day’ across the U.S.

UPDATE: The Daley Gator had this story yesterday, and poses several excellent questions. Read it here.

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  • Geez! Pretty soon we’ll be apologizing to short people for being “insensitive” on St. Patrick’s Day if some leprechaun is featured on a ad somewhere.

    • You can start with me since I’m only 5’2″ and Italian to boot. And I also hated that I couldn’t dye my dark hair green on St. Patty’s day. 😉

      • I’m half Italian and half Irish.

        Hey do you know why Italians don’t like Jehovah’s Witnesses?

        They don’t like ANY witnesses. (just a joke!)

        • I married a man who was raised by JWs (and they are also Italian Americans) and they LAUGHED when I first told them that joke! Because it’s funny, and because my in-laws aren’t uptight jerks. 🙂
          My father-in-law used to like to tell us a story about how his former wife’s friends had asked him to become a Jehovah’s Witness and he said, “How can I be a ‘witness’ if I didn’t see the accident!”

          • Believe it or not, I once caught some flak because of that little joke. (like I was being insensitive to Italians) After that I always make it a point to clarity the fact that it’s only a joke.

            • steve, remember Fuzzy Zoeller won the Masters one year. The winner gets to pick the banquet food for the next year. He joked that he might serve fried chicken and collard greens (poking Tiger Woods a bit). It was all a joke, but Tiger wouldn’t give him a break and Fuzzy lost sponsorship of K-Mart (I believe it was K-Mart).

              • Yes ma’am I remember Fuzzy Zoeller. He won the Masters in his first appearance there. He was one of my favorite golfers. I also remember the Tiger Woods “controversy”. It’s disgusting how if someone “offends” a liberal he is viciously attacked but it’s quite the opposite when liberals say the most demeaning and racist things against conservatives.

                • steve, what was so glaring about it, is that Tiger had the world by the tail at that time, and he showed just how willing he was to let something like this ruin someone who he knew meant nothing harmful. It was shameful on Tiger’s part and that’s about the time he began to show that he was not that nice young man that his father was so proud of.

        • Good one, Steve

  • This school was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. This order has completely run off the rails after Vatican II and are now diehard feminists, so it does not surprise me that they would jump on the apology bandwagon when, in fact, they had nothing at all to apologize for.

    I was taught by the Sister’s of St. Joseph back in the 1950’s is St, Paul, MN. At that time they were outstanding teachers – most with Ph.D’s.

    I think the event in question was at De La Salle boy’s school that they partner with. Both these schools charge way over $15,000.00 for tuition and I’m sure they only have a handful of black students just to make it look good. Bunch of elitist snobby pretend “Catholics.”

    I lived in Houston for 17 years. Have these white elitists never heard of soul food? Nothing better than a big pot of greens! I think I’ll have a big pile of collard greens topped with poached eggs for breakfast this morning. Yum…

    Wonder if they celebrate “white history month?” Didn’t think so.

    Rant over…


    • Adrienne, Steve and Zilla, I want to be part Italian! I really want to be part Italian.

      • Consider yourself an honorary Italian.

        • I second the motion!

  • GoneWithTheWind

    The article failed to state what the “white student union”wanted. Oh wait! There is no racist white student union.

    • GoneWithTheWind – 🙂

  • Were I come from they call it “Soul Food”.

    • Woodsterman, do you ever watch Drive-ins, Diners and Dives? He finds the best food everywhere and much of it is soul food. I used to keep a list of some them, just in case I happened to be in the area.

  • Caryl

    What is wrong with a white woman eating fried chicken, collard greens? Not fair. Why are we all suppose to fit into stereotypes? It’s stupid. I’m not Chinese, but I love Chinese food. I’m not Italian, but I love pizza.

    Thats it. I’m suppose to eat bland boring food like my ancestors. How silly is that? Potatoes, hamburgers and overcooked vegetables? No thank you. I’ll eat fried chichen and anything else I please. Polical correctness be damned.

    • Caryl, we just need blacks to refuse to be a party to this. I left a story for steve above about Tiger Woods and Fuzzy Zoeller. If anyone should not tolerate this kind of victimhood, it’s Tiger Woods, but then he doesn’t have even a teensy bit of grace in his body.

  • Went to a restaurant specializing in “Soul Food” recently. The fried chicken was wonderful (better than the fast food joints) and the most popular item on the menu. The mashed potatoes and greens were well cooked. (The gravy was to die for.) The Black couple who own the place are angry that these idiots find THEIR food racist. I find it delicious myself.

    BTW I didn’t have the watermelon. I had the homemade pecan pie. (Something to die for.)

    • findalis, so glad Chicago can offer a restaurant like this. Black chefs on Food TV usually do Soul Food as did Paula Deen. It’s popular because it’s delicious.

  • SafeTea

    Just when you think you’re going to get through a day without hearing about some imagined offense taken by the Race of Perpetual Offense, here comes the latest trumped up “insult.”

    *smdh *

    • Safe Tea, definitely trumped up and a bunch of white women running to take all the fix all insensitive whites to task.