TSA Saudi “Trusted Traveler:” Saudis Vet Saudis – May or May Not Share Raw Data With US

The U.S. has arrangements with some countries for a Global Entry “Trusted Traveler Program.” This means that Saudi Arabia and Qatar vets who comes to the U.S. without U.S. scrutiny. Travelers skip “the normal” Customs and Border Protection (CBP) lines beginning in 2014. They can even check-in at a visitor kiosks in the airport – no TSA agents, no lines, no passport checks. You think this surely cannot happen, right? Maybe a Saudi national submits his/her info to the U.S. and we vet them and put them on a privileged list, but no…


“Details about how the plan will work with the Saudis have not been released. Nayef’s ministry, however, will be responsible for screening which applicants will be considered when the pilot program begins next year. It’s not known whether the Saudi ministry will share its raw intelligence about applicants with its American counterparts,” writes The Investigative Project on Terrorism. “What is known, based on information provided by a Homeland Security source, is that each individual who makes it into the program will have been vetted by both the CBP and by the Saudi Interior Ministry against various databases.” Source: CNS News

How exactly does that work? Saudi Arabia vets them and may not share “raw data” about applicants — yet Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will also vet? Double-speak. Deceit. Betrayal.

Saudi Arabian students in the U.S. are up 500 percent since September 11, 2001. Fifteen of the 19 September 11, 2001 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, most of them illegally, and today, 70 percent of asylum seekers give fraudulent information. We know that, but we don’t know how many of the 70 percent make it through.

The 34,139 Saudi Arabian students in the United States for the 2011-2012 school year was more than the total of 30,256 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the University of Connecticut this school year.

This from Judicial Watch:

Here’s another crucial detail; a boatload of money flows from Saudi Arabia to finance international terrorist activities. In fact, a reportpublished by the Congressional Research Service says “Saudi donors and unregulated charities have been a major source of financing to extremist and terrorist groups over the past 25 years.” It also reveals that Saudi Arabia “was a place where Al Qaeda raised money directly from individuals and through charities” and that “charities with significant Saudi government sponsorship” may have diverted funding to Al Qaeda. Considering these alarming facts, it’s definitely not a good idea to relax security standards for Saudi Arabians who want to come to the United States.

Did you know some of the detainees are sent from Guantanamo to a Saudi Arabian “rehabilitation” program, that is in reality a terrorist training camp? A change of name and hair style, Saudi vets them to come to the U.S. on “Trusted Traveler,” and no “shared raw data” from the Saudi’s, do you think we would catch them with fingerprints? Would we dare insult the Kings and the Sultans if we did? Details here.

The program was announced in January 2013 with barely a peep of media interest. In March 2013, 19 House Republicans asked, via letter, then-Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, why Saudi Arabia was added to the “trusted traveler program.” I don’t think at that time Qatar was involved, but I’m not certain. There were many reports that the letter was sent, but I haven’t found a single report on whether the letter was answered or ignored. Rather than a letter, I’d prefer 19 House Republicans to stand before a microphone and with great attitude, explain why this is insanity, and keep talking about it every day. Surely we can do that. The impotence of letting the details get swept under the rug is pathetic. How many post offices have been renamed since the that March 2013? How do we get the “raw” if they refuse it?

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