Troops Training in Custom Built American “Town” for “What Comes Next:” A Chapel But No Minarets

In Virginia there is a little town of about 300 acres, where no one sleeps, eats, loves or invites friends in for a visit. You paid for it — $96 million — without knowing about it. The U.S. Army built it, and opened it with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and cake cutting, but contrary to the usual training locations where some empty-shelled concrete walls are stood-up for soldiers in training to shoot around and hide behind, this village looks real, with at least one glass-walled high-rise, a sweet little chapel with a steeple, inviting steps with handrails on both sides and one in the middle for safety, a stone facade and stained glass windows. The Telegraph says a mosque is there somewhere, although it doesn’t show in the video (unless it also looks like a stadium or gymnasium — maybe double use???). A mosque is not apparent. A Christian church is. There is at least one railroad crossing, handicapped parking spaces, a subway, an Embassy, and a bank.

U.S. Army Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) - $96 to Train Against American Dissidents

U.S. Army Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) – $96 to Train Against American Dissidents

There are two videos available. Below is one from InfoWars. As you can imagine, it’s more colorful (and informative) than this one, which is narrated by a U.S. Army Lt. Colonel.

At about 2:47-in, the video reminds us that the U.S. Military compared the Ku Klux Klan with mainstream evangelical Christian groups, naming the American Family Association and the Family Research Council as “hate” groups. This is the garbage our troops are forced to listen to.

Within the last year, an official Army email and briefings at Ft. Hood, Texas and Camp Shelby, Mississippi attacked Christian groups and said they don’t share “Army values.” The “hate” list was published by the Southern Poverty Law Center and was used to train troops under the guise of “Equal Opportunity” training. First the Department of Defense lied about doing it, then issued an order to “stand down” and “suspend” the nasty little seminars.

Just last week, I posted on the Ohio National Guard’s Civil Support training drill against American Second Amendment supporters and those of us who believe in smaller government. Very, very scary stuff.

At 2:52-in CONUS is mentioned. CONUS is the acronym for Continental United States. The documents I find are dated 2006. Surely there have been updates. I’ll leave it to you to do a search if you are interested in how the military and police will combat civil disobedience and crowd control

At 4:07 into the video below, is a clip showing what is said to be a FEMA training class, dated 7/19/01, discussing America’s first terrorists, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Paul Revere. “Your Founding Fathers, my Founding Fathers were involved in acts of terrorism.” says whomever is the speaker. Please note that I cannot verify that the clip is from FEMA and is real.

The faux village is known as the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG), located at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia [UPDATE: not certain that the AWG building seen in the video is in the town or nearyby] and is under the command of Ft. Meade, Maryland. On the positive side, perhaps the training is geared toward an Islamic attack on our subway system, or an Embassy. If you find that a mosque is definitely located in this quaint little bit of Americana, let me know.

This American city is set up to explore how the military can “transition” from “executing” to “preparation, to be ready for what comes next.” 

This is America, so in American vernacular, ‘Houston, we have a problem.’ This isn’t a Middle Eastern city we’ve built to train in. I doubt this is “preparation” is for the illegals currently invading America, or to confront and stop illegal sanctuary cities. It’s an American city, where Americans are expected to be the problem. It’s preparation for “what comes next” from Americans.”

US Military Training to Combat Problems With Americans (video)
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  • nbamron

    People are already being hounded and indicted on grounds that make it clear they are political prisoners in the US. Force is being threatened and even used against ordinary Americans. Where is the counter to this?

    • nbamron, I don’t think we know where to begin. This isn’t something done in America since the Revolution. I see many conservatives worrying about Paul Vallely’s rally in Washington, D.C. What if the worst happens? What if there is violence? How do we begin?

  • nbamron

    it’s only waiting for the spark; for the Bolsheviks, they were Iskra, the spark that triggered a revolution. We won’t have to wonder when it comes, it will be clear.

  • KatieNorcross

    Is this the final step in turning us into a full dictatorship? I love my country but fear my government.