Tony Matelli’s Creepy Sculpture – Sleepwalker in His Hanes

The artist is Tony Matelli and if ever a sculpture looks life-like, this is it. Why isn’t this man doing our Presidents and First Ladies? The “art” was placed on the campus of Wellesley College, a prestigious girls college, and the short story is, it creeped-them-out. The idea was, the sculpture, placed in the snow, would be a teaser to get viewers into the latest exhibit “New Gravity” at the school’s Davis Museum.



The exhibit is meant to upend expectations, and challenge people’s perceptions of what art is by taking over two floors of the gallery space, and extending outside of the building with the models on display, according to museum curators. But the “hyper-realistic” human figure that looks as though it’s lazily creeping along the roadway like a zombie with nothing but white underwear on had students raising their eyebrows on Tuesday.

“So this is what happens when guys come to Wellesley,” one person tweeted, after taking a photo of the Sleepwalker model. “What will the Wellesley townsfolk think?” Read more, see more.

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  • These girls have no sense of humor. I would have dressed him in drag.

    • There were photos of clothing with male and female students standing around.

  • “Why isn’t this man doing our Presidents…” I dunno, Maggie! The sculpture has a certain Clintonesque vibe about it!

    • proof, I should have been more specific – meaning we would clearly see who our presidents are (not in undies), but I do think he is quite talented.

      • Very talented. This pictures look just like some moron in his tighty whiteys! Without the captions, I never would have guess it was “art”.

        • Proof, it is creepily life-odd. The elbows were so real looking that I thought if you made a cast of a body, you couldn’t come this close to the real thing.