Thomas Sowell Sean Hannity Interview: Defending Clarence Thomas or Tim Scott Not Appropriate

A week or so ago a few of us spoke about Thomas Sowell’s criticisms of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Those few who had something to say were shocked at what we read from this very conservative economist and “political philosopher.” Dr. Sowell was on with Hannity

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity

last night to discuss his column and his main point was that when conditions were not favorable for George Washington to go into battle with the British, he retreated until the time was right. The Republican party has been retreating for years. I don’t have to tell you what that apathy wrought. As Hannity rightly pointed-out, Cruz and others made promises to their constituents and they kept those promises. Sowell believes Cruz is to blame for “shutting down the government,” causing the GOP nothing but grief, and isn’t it ridiculous that we fall for that? Even to voice it is ridiculous. Where is the ongoing conversation that it was Democrats who refused to cut spending to pay for new spending. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s PayGo – all new spending must be paid for with cuts? How’d that work out? Why aren’t we talking about that? We cower. It’s disgusting. Sowell believes that we should not comment on the rude attacks on Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) or Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, because it puts the spotlight on those trying to make trouble. We can’t even champion heroes these days, and I believe Clarence Thomas and Tim Scott are both heroic in facing down the raging racism of their own race against them. We are to sit by and not defend? Not say a word. Not show the ignorance of the southern state lawmaker who called Justice Thomas an ‘Uncle Tom,’ and the uh, Revvvvrand and president of the North Carolina NAACP who called Senator Tim Scott a TEA Party “ventriloquist dummy.” I believe that is what Sowell was saying and that’s why I’ve been asking for years, where are our Defending Fathers? Here’s the transcript with a link to the video below.

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity (screen grab)

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity (screen grab)

HANNITY: I was shocked at your column because I usually agree with you, okay? Every Republican, didn’t they run with the idea that they were going to fight the president on spending and on ObamaCare and that they were going to stand-up — didn’t they all agree on that? Didn’t they all say those things when they were running for office, not just Ted Cruz?

SOWELL: I think there was very little difference between what Ted Cruz says and what the others said. The difference is in the tactics. You fight some things and you don’t fight other things. For example, these people making all these remarks about Justice Thomas or Senator Scott, I would totally ignore those people. Nobody’s going to pay attention to them. They are the people who want attention and you are giving them attention. It’s like the people who used to run out on the baseball field during the game so they could go home and say they were on television. Baseball eventually learned that you don’t put the camera on them and they’ll stop doing it.

HANNITY: Remember when Ted Cruz did the filibuster and everybody was saying, tactically, it was the wrong time — you shouldn’t fight on the CR — they said the debt ceiling that where we really should fight it, the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling just came and went and Republicans in the House just gave Obama a blank check for a year. That doesn’t seem like an alternative party with bold differences. It seems like a carbon copy of the Democrats and they’re doing it for political expediency.

SOWELL: In one of the other columns, I pointed out there would not be a United States of America today if George Washington had followed the policies of Ted Cruz is following. George Washington did not have the forces to confront the British army on the battlefield, day in and day out. His forces fled from Long Island, all the way across the Hudson into New Jersey, all the way the length of New Jersey and camped at Valley Forge for the winter because he didn’t have the forces. When he saw an opportunity to launch a battle he could win, he launched it and he won it, and it was a dramatic turnaround. You don’t fight every battle.

HANNITY: Reagan fought a sitting president in Gerald Ford in 1976 and nearly won and was he was criticized. Let me put up on the screen, because I look at the Republican Party today and I see them as timid, afraid of their own shadow, I don’t find them very inspiring, I don’t think they’re offering an alternative. I’ve put up on the screen conservative solutions (see the screen shot above), ideas that I imagine that the establishment and the TEA Party could agree on and they could say ‘elect us and we’ll do these things.’ Do you see…


HANNITY: Do you see something is missing here?

SOWELL: No, I think they don’t have the forces. They are just like George Washington was when he was fleeing from the British. When he had the forces, when he had the advantage, he attacked.

HANNITY: You don’t think they should go out now with an alternative because the president’s numbers are lower.

SOWELL: I’m all in favor of — I’ve advocated until I’m sick of it, that the Republicans ought to speak up, and say what it is specifically, and so on. But as far as getting yourself blamed for shutting down the government, you’re not going to accomplish anything by it. ObamaCare was not scratched by this filibuster. All that happened was the people blamed the Republicans for shutting down the government.

HANNITY: You’re okay with a blank check on the debt ceiling for a whole year? You’re okay with that?

SOWELL: I’m not okay with a whole lot of things, but I don’t think you should send your troops into battle to get annihilated because you’re not satisfied with things. I’m not satisfied with Chief Justice Roberts. I wouldn’t advocate that he be impeached, because it wouldn’t be worth it.

HANNITY: All right. Thomas Sowell. Good to see you. Thank you for being with us. (view the video here)

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  • eaglechick

    Ted’s been shot in the back many times by his “supposedly” own troops. Count Thomas Sowell as one more shooter. Must make Karl Rove proud.

  • Dennis Smith

    I, too, have been distressed by T. Sowell’s column. He obviously has thought this out carefully, but I believe he has made a major error in his comparison:

    George Washington was one man, a single leader able to observe and understand his situation, and make effective decisions vis a vis advancing or retreating.

    The republican party / politicians are a conglomeration ranging from RINOs to solid conservatives, and they, the Senate or the House, will never be able to make a cogent, timely decision on when to advance or retreat.

    • Dennis Smith, the George Washington analogy was a lame one, in my opinion, but if he wants to use it, he has to recognize that we have “fled” and been in “retreat” for a very long time. At this rate, we’ll never be in a position to have the “advantage.”

  • bobmontgomery
    • bobmontgomery, is this a new one?

      • bobmontgomery

        Nah, I put it up at Grumpy and UP about a week ago. I,m really not even sure what day it is. Is it Spring yet? 🙂

  • Rebecca

    The Daily Beast had an anti Ted Cruz article on it today.

    • Rebecca, if it’s the same article I saw, it begins with “Ted Cruz has returned to his old tricks…” How long has Cruz been around? Not long enough for anything to be a “trick,” and certainly not an “old trick.” It’s who Cruz is and what he promised to do. Thanks for the heads-up on the article.

  • Proof that even great thinkers like Sowell aren’t always on the right page.

    • Charles, I think this a virus with no cure that one acquires when they’ve spent large quantities of time near universities anywhere in the world, Washington, D.C., or Karl Rove. Take your pick.

  • General P. Malaise

    T. Sowell did something similar before the 2012 election discussing the republican candidates. like Kruathammer they talk very conservative but then when the time to stand comes they back down. (sorry about the stand thing Charles)