Ted Nugent: McCartney Hates On Nugent, Nugent’s Classic Response – Nugent on Drugs

Ted Nugent was on with O’Reilly last night. The two basic topics were the Beatles, particularly Paul McCartney, and drugs. Nugent says he was voted the No. 1 Guitarist Of All Times in Detroit and he loves James Brown and likes “this new guy, Bruno Mars.”

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

Michigan’s MLive! took a special poll to determine the greatest guitar player in the Detroit area, and when they were finished, all signs pointed at Mr. ‘Stranglehold’ himself – Ted Nugent. ‘Uncle Ted’ beat out Jack White, Marshall Crenshaw, and Wayne Kramer of MC5, among others.

Known as “Motor City Madman,” the musical icon of rock ‘n’ roll won the title by a landslide, with a total of 428 votes. The numbers tallied showed over 51 percent of those voicing their opinion voted Nugent, proving that his hometown followers are proud of his five decades of multi-platinum and sold-out worldwide tours. Source

The following is a partial transcript. Video below.

O’REILLY: McCartney. Have you ever run across him?

NUGENT: No, but here’s a great McCartney story. This crystallizes the whole thing. So Paul McCartney was being interviewed in Detroit, many years ago with his new band, On the Run, and of course, where would any of our quality of life be without the Beatles and the incredible gifts of Paul McCartney, and so Paul’s doing an interview in Detroit where, I’m God, by the way. I was just voted the Number 1 [Greatest] guitarist of all times in Detroit, and Paul was giving an interview and the interviewer asked him, ‘what do you think of our MotorCity Madman, Ted Nugent?” And he went into this tirade of how I’m a coward because I slaughter innocent animals that can’t shoot back.

O’REILLY: So he’s a vegan and a serious one.

NUGENT: And so they called me to respond, cause they thought, “we’ll get Ted going here on this one, and so Paul condemned me and said I never had a good musical idea in my life and was just really hateful, and they asked me what my response was and I go…

Well, there’s really only one response I can give to Paul McCartney. “Thank you Paul for enriching our lives with the greatest music,” and I said “if he wants tofu, I’ll shoot him some tofu.

O’REILLY: Ted, you don’t have to shoot tofu.

NUGENT: Yeah, but it’s fun if you do.

O’REILLY: You’re anti-drugs, right?

NUGENT: Hard core.

O’REILLY: What do you think about this legalization-of-marijuana-thing?

NUGENT: I’ll try to capsulize it. Would you want your pilot high? Would you want your butcher high? Who would you want to be high in your life, and after 50 years of rock and roll, holding my gifted musicians in my arms as they died, you can’t convince me that it’s a victimless crime or an individual choice. You’ve clearly identified that you get high to disconnect. What are the benefits to disconnecting? I disconnect but I do it in a tree stand with a sharp stick, so I’m at least getting meat when I’m get high.

I love Ted Nugent. The tofu line is priceless. I liked Bruno Mars before it was cool.

Ted Nugent with Bill O’Reilly on Paul McCartney and Drugs (video)
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  • Mr. Ted does it again.

    • Woodsterman, I just realized that my title says “Nugent on Drugs” LOL! Didn’t intend it the way it sounds.