Ted Cruz with Sean Hannity on Thomas Sowell’s Attack Video

Yes, I do believe Mr. Sowell attacked Senator Ted Cruz. You don’t say “The most charitable interpretation of Ted Cruz and his supporters is that they are willing to see the Republican Party weakened…” without attacking. Senator Cruz was on Hannity last night to answer Thomas Sowell’s accusations that Ted Cruz is “looking out for himself” while saying “many things that need to be said,” and saying those “many” things “well,” and then intimates that we should not trust Cruz, because after all, we trusted Obama and look what we got. I didn’t trust Obama. Maybe Mr. Sowell did. More on Sowell’s column here. See Sowell on with Hannity. Sowell believes we should NOT defend Justice Clarence Thomas or Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) in the vicious attacks they have shouldered lately.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

Sean Hannity and Ted Cruz Interview on Thomas Sowell (video)
Linked at BadBlue, the baddest news on the planet, always uncensored 24/7. Read it here.

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  • Steve

    I disagree with fighting only battles “we can win”. There’s no such thing! Making it difficult for team Obama every step of the way in and of itself will slow down the disasters being forwarded by these weasels. I give the liberals and Democrats credit for one thing, they do not back down. They fight to win. If Republicans or conservatives had a few Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid types who would fight just as dirty as they do, then we’d see some change for the good. But who do we have? John Boehner and Mitch McConnell?? Give me a break!
    Ted Cruz is a good guy, and he and Mike Lee are just about all we have with any backbone.

    • Steve, hubby and I talk about how Liberals always stay joined at the hip but Republicans are so cerebral that people like Sowell can’t simply say “I disagree with the filibuster.” No we can’t do that, we have slam someone(s) up against the wall. Several things Sowell said were just appalling and when he was on with Hannity, his “George Washington” example was ludicrous. We’ve been hiding for years. Wouldn’t you love to Trey Gowdy as Speaker?

      • Steve

        We can only dream to have someone such as Trey Gowdy as Speaker!
        I couldn’t agree more with you … “ludicrous” is too kind for the stuff Mr. Sowell was saying. Ridiculous stuff!

        • Steve, you probably know this, I didn’t. The Speaker doesn’t have to be Congresscritter. We’ve never had a Speaker who was not a member, but we could.