So Appropriate: Michelle Obama Shuts Down Aspen Airport on Busy Busy Presidents Day Weekend

Michelle Obama never fails to amaze and annoy in her arrogance. MO and the girls went to Aspen for a skiing weekend — one of the busiest of the year — President’s Day weekend, and shut-down the airport for more than an hour when other likely arrogant, politically like-minded, monied skiers wanted to land at the same time. Not really news though, this is more of the usual for the Obama family, but think about this: First Ladies from Mamie Eisenhower through Laura Bush all remained who they were/are after their husbands entered the Oval Office. Their sense of style may have included more costly clothing, a bit more jewelry (all borrowed or donated, including MO) and hair ‘done’ every day, but they dressed in the same way their own sense of style had been before the presidency. Never has there been such a transformation as that of Michelle Obama. From the little we know of her, her cheeky, overbearing behavior is who she was and is, but the physical transformation of power-monger Michelle Obama is truly startling. She has no fashion sense, clear from photos on the campaign trail and earlier. This is who Michelle Obama was before taxpayers began picking up the bill.

Michelle Obama Before Taxpayers Bought a Stylist for Her

Michelle Obama Before Taxpayers Bought a Stylist for Her

This is Michelle Obama after taxpayers gave her a fundamental transformation:

Michelle Obama - After

Michelle Obama – After


Shutting down airports, roads, businesses and beaches around the world as she travels without her husband on the taxpayer’s dime, that’s who she is, rudely, disdainfully intrusive in personality and actions.

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