Saamer Akhshabi GA Tech PhD Student Burned by Molotov Cocktail in Atlanta? Akhshabi Loves ObamaCare & GunControl

Saamer Akhshabi arrived in the U.S. with an undergraduate degree from the University of Tehran in Iran. He is currently a PhD student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, but Saamer is not in the classroom today, rather he is in Grady Memorial Hospital with third-degree burns over 90 percent of his body. Akhshabi’s apartment allegedly was home to numerous homemade incendiary devices, otherwise known as bombs, one of which is believed to have blown up before he could get them to their intended targets. Bombs apparently don’t bother him, but Saamer thinks Obama’s gun control restrictions and ObamaCare are just swell. FLASHBACK: Remember that Bill Ayers “lover,” Diana Oughton, was killed along with two others, when a nail bomb exploded as it was being assembled? That bomb was to be used at a dance at Fort Dix Army base. If you think Bill Ayers and Diana Oughton are not relevant to this story, I disagree. Ayers is one more connection to Barack Obama, who has meddled with U.S. entry procedures until we have few avenues to protect ourselves from jihadists like Akshabi. What, you say? Maybe he’s not a jihadist? Right. Perhaps the molotov cocktails were computer science research.

UPDATE: March 7, 2014 @ 12:26 am CST: Saamer Akhshabi died of burns to 90 percent of his body, yesterday, March 6, 2014. Read more here. 

Read the story of what Akhshabi was building and then understand that in the story linked above, “investigators determined” that he was not a threat to the community.

The College of Computing is raising funds to help Akhshabi’s parents return his body to Iran.

Saamer Akhshab

Saamer Akhshab

Akhshabi’s profile at Georgia Tech say “I spent four wonderful years at University of Tehran completing my B.Sc. in computer engineering.” He was interested in “Internet evolution,” and is due to graduate in May 2014. Look at his collaboration with computer giant Cisco Systems.

I was an intern at Cisco, boxborough during summer 2011, working with Dave Oran and the ipvs team on design and evaluation of adaptive bitrate (ABR) systems. Our goal was to build a test bed and a set of tools to study commercial or experimental ABR technologies in the future.I have been working with Prof. Soojin Yi from the school of biology at GaTech since Spring 2011. Our goals in an ongoing project are to understand the emergence of the developmental hourglass and discover the similarities and differences between the evolutionary principles underlying biological development and engineered systems such as the Internet protocol stack.I have been collaborating with Cisco Systems, working with Ali C. Begen on “Adaptive Video Streaming over HTTP” since Summer 2010.

Burned Mattress Outside Saamer Akhshab's Atlanta Apartment

Burned Mattress Outside Saamer Akhshabi’s Atlanta Apartment

Pamela Geller:

A suspected Molotov cocktail and several plastic bottles filled with gasoline and kerosene were found in the Midtown apartment of a Georgia Tech graduate student severely burned, police said Wednesday…

In addition to what police described as a Molotov cocktail — a container filled with flammable material, and often topped with a make-shift fuse — police said several gasoline- or kerosene-filled bottles were found in the apartment.

Saamer Akhshabi’s Twitter stream is still up, showing his concern for women:

Saamer Akhshabi (Twitter)

Saamer Akhshabi (Twitter)

On Facebook, Saamer supports Obama’s “common sense steps to “reduce gun violence,” but gasoline bombs, not so much, I guess.

Fox is reporting that Akhabab is from Turkey ,and refers to him a “victim.” The Examiner also says he is a Turkish national. How and why was Saamer Akhshabi allowed entry into the U.S.? What kind of visa is this man here on?  This might be the answer.

Linked at Doug Ross and Larwyn’s Linx in the Unnecessary Evils edition. Find news to know here.


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  • Always good news when a jihadist gets burned by the bombs he is planning to use against others.

    • PUMA, someone knew something. This is a very smart young man. If reading his writings is any example, he speaks perfect English. Something is off in this story.

  • Anti-extremist

    I was wondering when “conservatives” found an excuse against Iranians. Seriously “Jihadist Akhshabi”? You think he had Islamic ambitions? Do you even think he was a terrorist threat? Each week there is news of Americans shooting in schools, colleges, malls and public places, and suddenly this is the biggest threat in USA? You want the US government to stop giving Visa to student from Iran?
    Do you know that there are thousands of Iranians coming to US every year to study at US universities? Do you know why? Most of them come to study at good ranking universities, with a lot of facilities, they are ambitious youth, they are tired of the corruption and extremism in Iran, some of them maybe Muslims, some of them atheists. Only a few support Iran’s regime. Most of them would love to go back and live close to their families.

    If it were not for your war mongering and meddling policies the situation would have been much better in Iran. You have given this regime so much excuses in the past, that every time we raise our voices to complain we are labeled as western spies. You are even doing so currently.

    Just look at the recent negotiations, republicans and AIPAC supported senators were so infuriated by the deal. They knew that if they could impose additional sanctions, the extremists in Iran would have an upper hand, they would ramp Uranium enrichment to +%20. Hell, who wouldn’t? Your congressmen have been threatening Iran with tactical nukes, a big republican donor suggesting dropping a nuke in the desert and then on Tehran. Did you complain at that time? Or are non-American lives not important from your point of view?

    Honestly, I have very good and tolerant American friends. People who actually go and find out the truth not just spur hate. Not surprisingly all of them are democrats.