Russian Troops on Crimean Peninsula, Russian Spy Ship Docked at Havana: Plans to Cleanse Ukraine of Protesters

The new Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, is 39 years old and reportedly a millionaire banker. He has previously served as economy minister, foreign minister and parliamentary speaker before Viktor Yanukovych took office. Yatsenyuk is said to “enjoy the support of the U.S. Yikes. Better not have too great a measure of faith in U.S. support of pro-democracy movements.

Photo Courtesy Doug Ross @ Journal.

Photo Courtesy Doug Ross @ Journal.

In the meantime a Russian warship showed up to dock at Communist Havana today, and “trucks full of armed Russian troops at a Russian military facility in Yalta, on the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine,” were observed by civilians. We’re told there is war-gaming going on. I guess Putin wasn’t exactly terrified when Susan Rice said it would be a “grave mistake” to send in his military to try to retrieve the capital for the government that abandoned it. You know, the U.S. just won’t put up with that nonsense.

Instead, Putin parked his spy ship 100 miles off the Florida Keys.

The Washington Times is reporting that documents have been uncovered showing Yanukovych planned to “cleanse” Kiev of protesters. So very Putin-like.

Operation Wave, which reportedly was planned with the the counsel of a high-level official in Russia’s military intelligence community, would have used roughly 22,000 security forces to “cleanse” protesters from the city, but for unknown reasons the mission was not carried out successfully, AFP reported.

Earlier this week, Obama shook the sand off of his unused Syrian line in the sun, the one he was too timid to use, and now the whole world knows it, or, well, he had been lying to the American people and had been gun-running to the Syrian rebels, and continues to run them — happening right now, I believe. His Syrian “line in the sand,” didn’t materialize in the way most around the world thought it might, as in war, or no-fly zones, etc. (and I’m saying it should have, I’m saying he should drawn the line.)

Yatsenyuk is asking for a $35 BILLION bailout. The EU is willing to pitch-in, with the help of the U.S., of course and the IMF. The EU is hopeful Putin will add to the pot. Would you want to make book on that?

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  • Kado

    Just a question.Are the Ukrainians Muslim or Christian?I know Tatar Muslims have been demonstating.

    • Kado, I think most Ukranians are irreligious, but the majority of those who have a faith are Catholic (I think). The Tatars are definitely Muslim. The Caucauses have large Muslim population of different backgrounds, including Tatars. Scary in those areas for “infidels.”

      • Kado

        Could the Ukranian Catholics be alined with the Muslim Tatars against the Russians?

        By the way, thanks for this great “Notebook’. It makes my day.

        • Kado, thanks so much for that kind comment. I really appreciate it, and appreciate your reading. As I always say, a blogger is nothing without readers.

          Here’s something from an article I read:

          The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has particular resonance in the autonomous southern province of Crimea, where ethnic Russians account for the majority of the population living uneasily with both ethnic Ukrainians and a people called the Tatars.

          World Bulletin reported that a Tatar leader named Refat Chubarov, who appeared at the rally in Simferopol to appeal for calm, was drowned out by the pro-Russian crowd. “We have a long memory of what the Russians did to us Tatars,” Chubarov, who is president of the Crimean Tatar National Assembly, told Reuters. “We are now a minority in our own homeland because of them … We have fought alongside the Ukrainians more often than against them — our loyalty is with them.”

          You can find the article here. Great question. Thank you!

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