Pudding is Best When a Frustrated Little Red-Headed Boy is Having It: This is What No One Nominated for an Oscar Could Do

This little boy is destined for greatness. I’m sure of it. His performance is definitely Oscar-worthy, if there is such a thing for commercials, and I guess there is, the Addys, but Oreos took the honor this time. I think I only saw three movies nominated for the Oscars. The one with the “girl” in it, not Oscar-worthy (but I liked it). I loved Christian Bale in American Hustle and think Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 Days a Slave is amazing. I think Ejiofor will win, and rightly so, but I would vote for Bale. I missed Bruce Dern’s Nebraska. I hear the movie is really good, but, hey, this is about pudding and little red-headed boys. Watch him get his sustenance for another day of school from his pudding, but first, let me ask four questions: Do you like Bourbon? Do you like bananas? Do you like pudding? Do you like Cheesecake? Sure you do. Don’t miss this, just watch the video first (scroll down).

Jello Pudding

Jello Pudding

Jello Pudding – Little Red-Headed Boy (video)

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