Pegasus Flight: Attempted Hi-Jacking Sochi — What Not To Do In A Sochi Toilet

According to Fox’s Amy Kellogg, a hi-jacker reportedly attempted to divert a Pegasus Airlines flight from Ukraine, headed to Istanbul, to Sochi, Russia on the opening day of the Winter Olympics. Another report says the flight from Kharkiv, Ukraine landed at Istanbul’s Sabhia Gokcen airport with 110 passengers aboard, at least one of which yelled “bomb.” That same report says the alleged hijacker was “subdued” and gave “himself up.”

What Not To Do In A Sochi Toilet (click for more)

What Not To Do In A Sochi Toilet (click for more)

The station reported the man had been subdued, but there was no immediate confirmation of that. The Interfax news agency cited the Ukrainian Security Service, the country’s main security agency, as saying the passenger who tried to hijack the plane was in a state of severe alcohol intoxication. It also said he has been pacified, and no weapons or explosives were found on him, but it was not clear where the information was coming from.

Soluk said the man rose from his seat, shouted that there was bomb on board and tried to enter the locked cockpit. The pilot signaled that there was a hijack attempt and the airport was placed on high alert.

“The man was made to believe the plane was heading to Sochi,” he said. “We are hoping that the passengers are evacuated without even a nose-bleed.” Source: Today’s Zaman

Amy Kellogg’s report:

AMY KELLOGG: We are getting reports that a person onboard that plane said that he had a bomb and wanted to divert the plane to Sochi, where the olympics are going on. We’ve not been able to confirm that.

The UnderSecretary for Information in Turkey, where this plane has now safely landed, where it was diverted and where it has landed, is saying that authorities now are trying to get the man to give himself over properly to authorities, so we’re not sure if it’s a violent and dangerous standoff in the plane at the moment or whether everything is okay, but it has landed, and as you said Jon, it appears to be an attempted hi-jacking. Not clear if this is all blown-up and bluster or whether there was something more to it, but airlines have been on a very high state of alert, particularly in the last few days ahead of the Sochi Olympics because the Homeland Security in the United States was saying that it’s possible explosives could be smuggled into tubes of toothpaste or other cosmetic containers. The U.S. is not allowing any of those things on planes now, on carry-ons, nor are Russian planes, but with Europe, Turkey, Asia, some people are still bringing things onboard planes, allbeit in small quantities, so we will stay on top of this story and let you know when we concrete information. Video here

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