One in Five Democrats Support TEA Party: Dem Disapproval of TEA Shrinking

One in five Democrats support the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party. A January 20-23, 2014 WaPo/ABC poll shows that 69 percent of Democrats are opposed to TEA, but that number is shrinking. During the shutdown, 79 percent of Democrats opposed TEA. Sixty-three percent of Republicans and 44 percent of Independents support TEA.


The latest poll, conducted from Jan. 20-23 among a random national sample of 1,003 adults, has tea party support among Republicans at 63 percent — only one percentage point away from Post-ABC polls conducted immediately after the government shutdown and five points below a Post-ABC poll in May 2013.

Democratic support for the tea party has rebounded slightly since the shutdown — about one in five Democrats support the movement — although there is no danger of the party catching conservative fever; 69 percent of Democrats oppose the tea party, down from a high of 79 percent in October. Forty-four percent of independents support the tea party, a seven-point rebound from after the shutdown…

Among the most loyal Republicans, support for the tea party is at 74 percent, hardly changed from a post-shutdown high of 77 percent and about where support was in mid-2013 (73 percent). Tea party Republicans also report being more active in party primary contests than others. See the graphic at WaPo and read more.

Of TEA-party-leaning Republicans and Independents, 49 percent “always vote in primaries.”

The following graphic is a Pew Poll from July 2013:

Pew July 2013

Pew July 2013

Would you have guessed that one in five Democrats support TEA? We are NOT alone.

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