ObamaCare Reality: Woman Dies, Not Cancer, Not Heart Disease – Just a Fast Fever After Cancelled Insurance

How many people have been desperately ill since January 1, 2014 — not a pre-existing condition, just something creepy coming on fast, had no insurance thanks to new health care laws, and couldn’t get through the ObamaCare horror-of-a-website to find a doctor? Maybe they didn’t die, but went untreated for a time, out of necessity. Maybe they suffered greatly, and now will have effects from their illness for the rest or their lives — or maybe they died, as did the woman you will read about below. Video and partial transcript below.

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter

Everything…provided by the government, gets worse and more expensive over time. Everything provided by the private sector gets better and less expensive over time, which is why I’m thinking we want to get our health insurance through the same that gave us the iPhones, Federal Express, flat screen TVs, cell phones, and not the system that gave us Amtrak Food Service and the Internal Revenue Service, so I kinda knew all of this was going to happen…

A shocking and horrible thing happened to me yesterday. This does have real world consequences. I got up in the morning and got an email from a friend saying “my sister almost died because of ObamaCare.” She had been thrown off her insurance plan. Blue Shield just completely pulled out of California. A lot of insurance companies have had to just pull out, and there is no competition. There is fake competition. There are a million insurance companies, but they all have to provide under federal law, the exact same product, so, have at it. No one can compete.

Anyway, she had been thrown off her insurance. She was trying to get insurance some other way — get on ObamaCare, she couldn’t get through the website, and she started to get a fever. She didn’t want to go to the Emergency Room. She didn’t know what it was, until she got her insurance. So, she put it off, she put it off. On Thursday she went into septic shock. I was giving a speech yesterday, a lunch speech, so I went down and mentioned this during the speech, that this woman, she nearly died. She went into septic shock. Got up to my hotel room after the speech and my friend sent me an email, saying, “my sister died” from ObamaCare… ~ Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter on Friend’s Sister Who Died With No Insurance, Due to Obamacare (video)
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  • SafeTea

    If she was white, I can well imagine the high-fives between Barry and Holder.

    How many deaths does that make that Barry’s responsible for?

    • SafeTea, How many deaths? Going back how far? Undoubtedly, there are more of this same kind, resulting from denied care.

  • Mizz M

    As we all know, the intent of obamacare is not to provide health insurance for the masses, rather it is to destroy the health insurance industry so we have no option but to go to single payer. Liberals think a few deaths along the way is a small price to pay for what will be their ultimate coup – the takeover of our medical care, and a guarantee that no conservative will ever be elected again.

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