Obama Family the Only Muslims in Kenya Town of 4000 Christians? Malik Obama Attends Mass Wedding with Captain of Gaza Flotilla

Walid Shoebat has broken yet another story about Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s older brother by another mother, showing that Malik attended a mass wedding of orphans with the commander of the Gaza flotilla, Bulent Yldrin or “Captain Boland.” That infamous boat had both Hamas and al-Qaeda aboard. While researching that story, I came across an article on the Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Dawaa published by the American Center for Democracy, and Malik and Obama’s ties to the MB. These two items caught my attention:

Malik Obama holding photo of Barack Obama, left and Malik in the middle

Malik Obama holding photo of Barack Obama, left and Malik in the middle

In a recent report on Egyptian television Tahani al-Gebali — the former Chancellor of and present advisor to the Constitutional Court of Egypt — made the astounding claim that, “the reason the United States cannot fight the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood [Ikhwan al-Muslimun] is because the brother of U.S. President Barack Obama was intimately involved with the Muslim Brotherhood. She claimed that President Obama’s brother  Malik Obama was in fact “one of the architects” of the Ikhwan’s “major investments.”…

Ostensibly born a Christian [Malik], his conversion to Islam has never been reported. However, in an exceedingly detailed history of the Obama family in Kenya, it was noted by a reputable member of a Missouri State delegation who visited the Obama family in western Kenya, “Obama’s relatives are the only Muslims in a village of 4,000 Christians and … Malik has a private mosque on his property.” (“Meet Malik Obama…,” Miri WTPOTUS blog, 19 September  2011.)

The same lengthy article notes that in December 2010 Malik (called Abdul Malik Hussein Obama) was featured in a Saudi Gazette article in which it was noted that “the US president has embraced Christianity while the rest of the family are Muslims and are leading Dawaa [Islamic outreach] work in Africa.”   Malik himself was called the “executive secretary of the Islamic Dawaa Organization in Kenya.”The first meeting of Obama and Malik occurred some time in the early nineteen eighties.   They then met in 1985 when Malik was on an (unexplained) visit to Washington D.C.  The two half-brothers served as best men at their respective weddings.  Malik has visited the United States on many occasions and lived in America for a few years.  Today he maintains a private office in America and three offices in Kenya.   Well before the political ascendance of Barack Obama, Malik served as family spokesman in Kenya.  Never previously having played a major role in politics, in early 2013 he missed his half-brother’s inauguration as he ran for governor of Siaya county (as Malik Abongo) and was very badly thumped.

While Malik Obama has been a frequent visitor to Washington, it was not until recently that it became apparent that he was something much more than the head of an extensive Kenyan family, and the poor relative of the president of the United States. Read more here.

Obama’s paternal grandfather began the trek to Islam and converted, with Obama’s father doing the same. In the photo below, Malik Obama is shown wearing a Hama scarf that reportedly translates to “Jerusalem is Ours — We Are Coming.”

Malik Obama wearing a Hamas Scarf declaring "Jerusalem is Ours - We are Coming"

Malik Obama wearing a Hamas Scarf declaring “Jerusalem is Ours – We are Coming”

Malik Obama received a U.S. 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, signed by Lois Lerner, for his charity named after his, and Barack’s, father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. How does that happen? Does Malik hold dual citizenship, or has he been granted a green card? As the article above says, Malik lived in the U.S. for several years. What is his U.S. status? Malik Obama has numerous ties to terrorism, including Hamas and working as secretary to the genocidal president of Sudan, and remember, this man has a revolving door to the Oval Office and a brotherly ear to hear.

The mass wedding of orphans in Sanaa, Yemen, was sponsored by the Third Global Forum. Links to the Gaza flotilla are below if you are not familiar with it. “His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, funded the wedding.

The article on the wedding, which I translated through Google, spins off into “extremism,” saying that poverty and destitution leads to it, although “extremism” is not defined. The article does not say if the brides and grooms chose each other, or even knew other before the mass nuptials, and we know, they likely did not. Look at these statements about what leads to “extremism” in Yemen.

In the context of his speech before the concert, which was held on the occasion of the wedding of collective called Yemeni Vice President scientists and philanthropists in Yemen and Saudi Arabia to constructive cooperation in order to combat extremism and to provide an appropriate environment for the fight against poverty and destitution and create opportunities for free and dignified life through counseling and correct outreach.

He stressed that poverty and destitution and poor economic situation of the leading causes of road behavior of others Sui and knock on the doors of seduction and terror, and the institutions capable of, whether educational or other available role in the process of activating the social solidarity Aqtdaoua Foundation Orphan, which provided the lesson, food and work, and the day of marriage .. pointing that the state and the government supports this trend with what is possible. Source: kolawatn

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