Jay Leno: His Personal, Final Goodbye – Leno Says He’s Done With Late Night

In Jay Leno’s closing, goodbye remarks, he said the first year of his show, he lost his Mom and the next year, he lost his dad and then he lost his brother, and then he was “pretty much out of family.” The NBC family became his family. Sixty-four children were born to that family during his 22 years at NBC. He said his show was a union show, the cast and crew were paid well, and he was proud of it. Leno has said he is done with late night and he will be content with continuing stand-up comedy gigs with his wife by his side, and he will be content with that. Florida, he’s coming to you first. It will be interesting to see how he’s billed and where he shows up.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno

Leno graduated Emerson College in Boston and graduated with a BA in “speech therapy,” while doing stand-up comedy while in school. His first appearance on The Tonight Show was in 1977, doing a comedy routine. He began subbing for Johnny Carson in 1992.

As an aside, I watched the beginning portion of the show, through Garth Brooks’ first song. The best of the guests, in my opinion, was Billy Crystal’s opening, when he did his own monologue by quoting many of Leno’s jokes over the years in a “who said that…you said that” segment.

I don’t like goodbyes. NBC does. I don’t care for them” ~ Jay Leno

Jay Leno’s personal goodbye.

Jay Leno says goodbye (video)

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  • Geo

    A First Class Act. Hopefully it won’t be the last time he gets to entertain all of us on a regular basis.

  • Kado

    Hey, how about Leno on Fox in one of those time slots they use for repeats. They would kick NBC a little farther down the road.