IRS Targeting: Bob Bauer, Obama, Lois Lerner In Same Room – Benghazi: Boehner Knew About CIA GunRunning?

Of the two biggest political scandals among many, the question is, does Speaker John Boehner need a cover-up of Benghazi and the IRS as much as Barack Obama needs it? Why would Republicans, and specifically the most powerful Republican in leadership, Boehner, not want to pursue an IRS scandal that makes the undoing of Nixon’s presidency look like child’s play; and why has Boehner refused to take the Benghazi investigation to the next level? People were murdered, one a U.S. Ambassador. Families have no answers. Boehner has the sole power to form a special investigative committee for each offense and has refused. Both are huge issues. Boehner is missing in action. Here are two possible answers to the above questions, and a conclusion that yes, Boehner has good reasons to join with Obama in a cover-up (followed by transcripts of political analysis).

Barack Obama, John Boehner

Barack Obama, John Boehner

1) Boehner does not want to stop the IRS from refusing tax exempt status to conservatives because the TEA Party and others who are like-minded, are a thorn in the side of the GOP establishment, and his power and all of the power of the establishment is threatened by true conservatism, and

2) Boehner knew and approved of the CIA annex in Benghazi and knew of and approved of their running of arms, through Libya to Turkey and eventually to the Syrian rebels.

This week Democrat Pat Caddell said the following:

…Republicans have no problem with the IRS targeting tea party groups that pose a threat to them anyway.

Caddell said that given how much people agree there should be an investigation and that the targeting is a clear sign of corruption, there’s only one reason the GOP wouldn’t dare touch it: “[T]he reason is the establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the tea party… The tea parties are an outside threat to their power hold.”

He continued on to say the “lobbying, consulting class of the Republican Party” wants the IRS to do this and they just don’t care about the “lawless operation going on.” ~ Pat Caddell on Fox News in an interview with Harris Faulkner, February 17, 2014 (view the full video here)

In August 2013, Caddell and John Leboutillier, a former Republican Congressman for New York, interviewed with Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett on Benghazi and the IRS. The bottom line is that Caddell can “trace” the IRS targeting directly to the White House counsel’s office in 2010 (as you’ll see below, perhaps in the Roosevelt Room). Bob Bauer held that position at the time. Caddell says emphatically that “the President” was in the room at the time along with Lois Lerner. Here’s the partial transcript of that conversation. View the entire video here.

LEBOUTILLIER: … Pat can trace it right into the White House counsel’s office in 2010. Bob Bauer, the White House counsel then, married to Anita Dunn, one of the Obama insiders and they’re having meetings with the head of the IRS in the White House…

CADDELL: The President!

LEBOUTILLIER: The President in the Roosevelt…

CADDELL: and other people we don’t know, but Bob Bauer is the name. He is the counsel, he comes in, he is the person 2008, this week we found out who went to the FEC. The FEC, Republican members issued a harsh memo this week saying the staff on it’s own — guess who they went to, guess who was on the staff? Lois Lane Lerner was there to help them pursue Obama’s enemies.I guarantee you this stuff goes directly into the White House and members of the White House Staff.

In the same conversation and in the same video linked directly above, Caddell says John Boehner is helping Obama cover-up Benghazi because Boehner knew of, and approved, the CIA weapons running to Syrian rebels. Here’s the transcript:

CADDELL: You mentioned the scandal about Benghazi. Let’s start with that, where we have John Boehner who has purposefully suppressed anything on Benghazi, because he knew what we found out this week, and he had approved it. These sales, these CIA teams on the ground, which were sending weapons from Libya through Turkey to Syrian rebels without Congressional approval, and what we have is, we find out — and by the way, remember — no one has still been arrested in this, we have a President who has supressed the truth, and the administration….

LEBOUTILLIER: That’s the thing. Why won’t the Congress want to get at the truth of this thing? We used to say, four people were dead; the Ambassador and three other people. We now learn this week that there were other people injured, 36 CIA personnel evacuated right away…

GREG JARRETT: Fox News learning that some of them are being told to clam up by the administration, signing non-disclosure agreements.

LEBOUTILLIER: That is a cover-up of something. The public has a right to know — I really think — I don’t want to sound like we need a million committees, but we need two committees. We need the Benghazi Select Committee and we need another one on the abuse of executive power that goes into the IRS, which is a growing scandal —

Boehner’s disdain for the TEA Party is well-known and easily recognized, but I had not considered that Congress would have to approve the CIA annex and the gunrunning operation, as Congress has abdicated most of their obligations, and we no longer consider their approval of any importance these days. If that’s the case, the same would be necessary for Fast and Furious and we haven’t gotten anywhere with it either. If Boehner knew and approved of any of this, Cantor knew and did as well (imo).

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  • Fixall

    Birds of a feather,fly together.

    • Fixall, oh yes, once those birds learn to feather their nests, they’re not about to give it up. It truly is an Old Boys clib.

  • Geo

    While #’s 1 & 2 are distinct and probable possibilities, I would also add. . .

    The spineless & feckless republican party will never “impeach” the first black president. No matter the extent of his lawlessness. There are and have been numerous impeachable offenses. He has gone unchecked and it will just continue, the dims realize they have the repubics in a corner and they aren’t going to anything about it.

    Then throw in Harri Weed and throwing out a two hundred + year tradition of 60 votes to ram Judge appointments and load the Courts with radical ideologues.

    We are losing our Country one day and one Executive Order at a time.

    • Geo, I completely agree that the man can do nothing to cause this bunch of ego-driven ignoramuses to do what they’ve taken an oath to do, protect the Constitution. The men and women in Congress who are trying to do something about it, will be remembered with great respect. If only those actually had some power. This shows how deeply inbred our power structure is. Somehow we must change it.

      • bobmontgomery

        No one else is talking about this anywhere, I don’t think Maggie. You are still cutting edge. Perhaps there are just too many scandals, outrages out there. And Geo is right – the R’s have been scared to death of offending ever since O ascended, mand the D’s (the Socialists actually) relied heavily on that in their strategies. It has paid off nicely for them.

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