“I Unfriend You” Says Beatrice Who Didn’t Go To Facebook School: Beatrice Needs to Dance

I’m having a lot of fun with great commercials. I appreciate those that bring a smile, those that aren’t rude, boring or stupid. Ads are everywhere. I can’t escape them and they make viewing somewhat free or less costly. This one is just a little slice of life — eventually. I think Beatrice needs to dance. Before the video, is a fascinating study (fascinating fact) with statistics that may be understated.

esurance - Beatrice, "I Unfriend You"

esurance – Beatrice, “I Unfriend You”

Notice that the study below is of 75 year olds. Think about the benefits of dancing beginning earlier than 75.

This is especially stimulating to the mind, and one 21-year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found dancing can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in the elderly.

In the study, participants over the age of 75 who engaged in reading, dancing and playing musical Linedancing_52instruments and board games once a week had a 7 percent lower risk of dementia compared to those who did not. Those who engaged in these activities at least 11 days a month had a 63 percent lower risk! 

Physical activities like playing tennis or golf, swimming, bicycling, dancing, walking for exercise and doing housework were also studied. One of the surprises of the study was that almost none of the physical activities appeared to offer any protection against dementia.  There can be cardiovascular benefits of course, but the focus of this study was the mind.  There was one important exception:  the only physical activity to offer protection against dementia was frequent dancing which lowered the risk by a dramatic 76 percent. Of all the physical activities, dancing involved the most mental effort. Read more on this study here, with a break down of different activities from golf to swimming.

The best dances for mind health are those that require specific steps at a specific time. Line dance does that — you stand in a line and every one does the same step at the same time (or tries to). Line dance is a popular form of exercise and is no long solely country music. Rock, boogie, jazz, waltz, pop and Latin music is used equally with country in many classes.

CTV, a Canadian television network which also airs in the northern U.S., reported on an ongoing study on coconut oil for dementia. Dr. Mary Newport is involved in the study and while it has not concluded, she said her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 51. She gives details of some amazing results. I have no way to verify this information, but while the article doesn’t appear to be an ad, it’s possible it is about selling coconut oil. Who knows? View the video here, both Dr. Newport and the researchers speak.

Here’s Beatrice and below Beatrice is some line dancing fun with cops.

Beatrice Posts Her Vaca Photos on Her Wall and Unfriends Her Friend (video)
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Check out these poor unsuspecting souls that got caught and now have to endure a breathalyzer test. When the testing machine fails they must try to follow the officers “plan B”; a country line dance. Visit source.

Line Dancing With Police (video)

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