How Communism Works in Streets of NYC: Communist Party USA Announced It Will Slay the Right Wing

Are you living somewhere outside the Big Apple and yawning at news of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s (born Warren Wilhelm) communist background and present Progressive leadership of New York City? Time to stop the yawning. No, you and I did nothing to elect him, but another foot is in the door and it may be the Big Foot.

Bill de Blasio on Election Night with Wife Chirlane McCray (bottom left) Photo Credit: AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Bill de Blasio on Election Night with Wife Chirlane McCray (bottom left) Photo Credit: AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Streets going unplowedtrash piling upschools open when they should have been closedBlaming weathermen for his failures. None of this should be a surprise, he’s a communist ideologue, not a competent manager.

He doesn’t care about managing a city. His mind is filled with other things, like schemes to redistribute wealth, destroy charter schools, give sanctuary to illegal aliensenrich his rich friends while destroying businesses, and neuter the police force. Source: The Lonely Conservative

Reminds of Barack’s disengagement from responsible leadership, to fully-engaged dictatorial leadership through a pen and a phone, doesn’t it? Never mind, the Communist Party USA announced this week it will work with every faction of the Left to help slay the Right Wing and keep the Senate path to Socialism void of conservativism: 

The plans were announced during a web streaming event held by party Chairman Sam Webb Wednesday titled “Taking care of the future: from here to socialism.”

The event was part of the party’s national convention process which will culminate later this year in Chicago, where the party was formed in 1919.

Webb told listeners that there is no direct path to socialism and that to arrive at their destination they would have to pass through different stages. He stated one of those steps was to work with other left-wing groups to press for issues important to the left. Source: WND

H/T Phil Falcone, Facebook

Like progressives across our country, they wanted Obama badly, as did New Yorkers want and got de Blasio:

Progressive Marxism allows criminals to run rampant, while handcuffing the populace and preventing them from protecting themselves. It brings chaos, violence and corruption home to roost and that is exactly what de Blasio and his Marxist brethren want….

Careful what you wish for in the Big Apple… de Blasio is a stone cold Marxist worm who will now control a city already rotten to the core. He will populate the political power structure there with others that will move the city even further left and deeper into misery.

The Mayor reserved much of his praise for the corrupt NYCC (New York Communities for Change), once called ACORN. That’s a hint of what is to come to New York. He has also been wining and dining influential businessmen and bankers, hoping to woo them into staying in New York. With ever higher taxes, leftishly insane policies such as charging delivery trucks $102 to cross into Manhattan and regulations that would choke a massive pachyderm, I wouldn’t count on it.

And as is the norm of Marxists, de Blasio speaks/lies out of both sides of his mouth. While he is wooing business, he headlined a fundraiser for the leftist New York Communities for Change, where Communication Workers of America spokesman Chris Shelton urged a “revolution” against “bankers, billionaire (sic) and brokers of Wall Street.” That is the true Progressive vision and intent of de Blasio and his cadre.

Race riots won’t be far behind all this either. Not only is the power structure of New York being fully stocked with Marxists, they are racists and anti-semites. There is literally plenty of hate to go around thereRead more at Terresa Monroe-Hamilton’s Noisy Room.

You think it ‘silly’ to speak seriously of communism in America today? The New York Times, rag that it is, didn’t, although the tone was fondly whimsical:

Bill de Blasio stands by his fervent support for the Sandinistas.The New York Times did a long piece on de Blasio’s communism-activism. De Blasio said today he could not celebrate Columbus day, as “there are some troubling things in his history.” Funny, the same can be said of “Bill AKA Warren de Blasio AKA Wilhelm AKA Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm AKA Bill de Blasio.Source: The ScottCarp Dream

The way these things go is this: Candidate Bill de Blasio promised to add two Muslim holidays to the NYC public school calendar. Now the Chinese want Chinese New Years to have a day as well.

Readers, support bloggers reporting on these dangers. It’s the only way you’ll know what is really going on. Bloggers talk about the de Blasio’s of America every day. They warn. They cry out. Visit, read, comment if you feel comfortable doing so, and pass it on. Don’t be silent. To all those already doing all of the above, thank you, God bless you. We are nothing without readers.

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  • clayguy1

    As the left said it about Romney.. is the Mayor’s wife a prop?

  • Happy Infidel

    I love Americans but they can be so fkin stupid sometimes.

  • Geo

    As someone who was born and raised in NYC and have seen this cycle of dopey lib armageddon make it’s run through several cycles. . . the next couple of years with Comrade Bill in the seat ought to be very interesting.

    He certainly hasn’t started out so good since taking the oath. He kept plows from doing sections of NYC that didn’t vote for him. His personal friend and a Bishop, was arrested by the NYPD. Comrade Bill placed a call to a Deputy Chief and got him released within a hour. Then denied he did it. When the Deputy Chief was asked if any “influence” was used, he stated the truth and said yes. He is probably walking a beat somewhere in the old Brooklyn Navy Yard by now. The city has gotten hit with several snow storms since he took office, and he has refused to close the Schools, raising the ire of Parents. That also caused a “Twitter War” between Comrade Bill and Al Roker {the nbc weatherman}, Roker couldn’t believe he actually opened Schools in a blizzard situation.

    His wife {a lesbian} has demanded a Office and Staff in City Hall and intends to carry out her own agenda, even though she hasn’t been elected to anything.

    The city has had its ups and downs with numerous administrations that were pathetically liberal and incompetent, Abe Beam, Wagner and of course the all time record holder David Dinkins. It took Rudy Guilanni to get the place back on track, and he did. BloomTurd followed and thought he was the “Head Nanny” and ran the city with that vision but, he was very good with Security mostly because of Ray Kelly the Police Commissioner. Kelly left office when BloomTurd did, and Bill Bratton took over as Commissioner.

    Within a very short time, crime will be rampant again and count on the murder rate soaring with Comrade Bill’s Policing policies. The best indication of what is coming just might be Bill Bratton. He is a great Commissioner who started out with Rudy Guillani and when both of their egos couldn’t fit within the City boundaries. . . . Bratton packed his bags and left town. Bratton just might be the first IED to go off and give everyone their first indication of what is about to happen.

    There was a time when these radicals/commie’s/socialist ran around in the woods wearing Olive Drab Fatigues, a Beret w/Red Star and carried a automatic weapon. Destined for a eternal placement on some uniformed idiots T-Shirt, usually found on some college campus.

    Nowadays they operate in a Suit and Tie in local, state governments and the White House. They’ve come a long way baby! .

    • Guest

      His wife is also on the payroll for a whooping $170,000’s.

  • vet

    This communist S.O.B. CAN KISS MY RED BLOODED American ass who the hell he think he is they think there gonna just turn our country into what there assnine ways don’t think so scooter we will be ur huckleberry bill the best thing you can do is get your hand out of Obama’s zipper and out of his bed and hit the road

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  • Guest

    Cuomo is no better. Cuomo just announced that he will look to give inmates a chance to earn college degrees while in prison. Get ready taxpayers.

    One good thing is DeBlasio and Cuomo are at odds on taxes. They could end up destroying themselves with their tongue lashings.

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  • They never consider middle America do they.

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