Heidi Mund Quotes Martin Luther in Church of Reformation When Imam Sings Muslim Call to Prayer – She’s Booted

Heidi Mund is a German Christian. She drove a couple of hours to the city of Speyer in the Rhineland-Palatinate, to the

Memorial Church of the Reformation

Memorial Church of the Reformation

Memorial Church of the Reformation, built to honor Martin Luther, a monument to the Protestant reformation, and to the spiritual transformation of Germany. A musical concert was designed as an “interfaith” event to bring Christianity and Islam together. Ms. Mund sat in the balcony. The imam began the Muslim call to prayer and Heidi had a message that resonated thoughout the stone walls of the cathedral. She quoted Martin Luther. At that point in the video, I felt a chill of awe. To understand the true significance of what she did, the second video below is the Muslim call to prayer (the prettiest sound on earth, according to Barack Obama – forgive the blather) with English subtitles. You’ll see that over and over Allahu Akhbar is recited. Germany has lived through extreme evil. Heidi Mund sounded a warning bell, and in her words, she rebuked the “curse.” We have to ask, what the heck the pastor of this church was thinking? He apparently had a thought or two, because Ms. Mund was escorted out of the church.

Heidi Mund (R)

Heidi Mund (R)

Visit Walid Shoebat for more on this story.

Heidi Mund Quotes Martin Luther as Imam Sings Muslim Call to Prayer in the Memorial Church to the Reformation in Speyer, Germany
Muslim Call to Prayer With English Subtitles (video)

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  • When you see the words.. Yes, I’d be shouting down anyone in my chapel, that is dedicated to be the home of God the Father and the House of Jesus Christ, I’d shout down in Pagan worship, no matter how beautiful the song is.. It would break the sacredness of that chapel or cathedral. You might as well move out of it, tear it down, and build a new place of worship, for it would no longer be holy.

  • David, your email address was in the “name” blank. I put you name in and deleted the second comment. Do you have to fill that in every time you come?

    • Yes I do Maggie.. every dang time… like now.

      • David, hmmm. I didn’t know. I’ll see what I can do. That’s not good and I don’t think anyone has ever mentioned it to me.

        I’ll let you know.