Grossest 1st Amendment Violation: Silencing Businesses Under Risk of Criminal Perjury

Barack Obama’s latest authoritarian change to existing law delays the business mandate for ObamaCare, and places employers in the position of lying under oath and risk of criminal perjury. If you are forced to fire or lay-off an employee(s) to get payroll under the 100-employee limit to avoid the mammoth costs of ObamaCare, you will be required to swear under oath that you did not fire that person(s) to get your payroll under the 100-employee limit. Rush Limbaugh was spot-on yesterday when he said the administration DOES NOT care if you fire employees to avoid the costs of health care, but you better not tell the truth. The administration doesn’t give a fig about your job, but DOES NOT want ObamaCare blamed.


You now have to certify to the IRS, under threat of perjury, that you didn’t do that to avoid Obamacare costs.  I mean, you can duck the law, but then only if you promise not to say you’re doing that.  Companies must now swear to the IRS that none of their layoffs are because of Obamacare.  This must be in writing. It is made under threat of perjury charges. So what they’re trying to avoid here, obviously, is laying people off….

This is way beyond a banana republic now.  This is Stalinism.  Source: Rush Limbaugh

The only Defending Fathers we have is Congress and Congress is creepily quiet, as they have been for years. As Rush and so many bloggers have said for years, House Republicans can simply defund EVERYTHING that violates law. The House does not need the Senate to sanction defunding.

Glimpse of the future – take it seriously:

Washington, January 21, 2017

President Ted Cruz, citing what he called “The Obama Precedent” today unilaterally repealed Roe v. Wade, once again making abortion illegal in the United States.

The White House briefing room erupted in a chorus of anger as the President’s new press secretary joked that “the President found former President Obama’s pen and telephone hidden in a safe underneath a floorboard in the Oval Office.” The White House spokesman cracked that the safe had a note addressed “Dear Hillary” and held the safe’s combination.

The comment, a reference to the defeated 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, drew a scathing rebuke from a number of reporters who asked if the former Secretary of State’s narrow, 44-state loss to Cruz was cause for humor.”

Democrats immediately assailed the move, with a furious Senate minority leader Harry Reid saying: “The president is rewriting law on a whim.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi led a group of female legislators on a protest outside the White House.

Former President Obama, vacationing in Hawaii, had no comment. Read more at American Spectator

What happens now with those employers who have already cut payroll to avoid costs, and have told employees exactly why they have lost their jobs? More on Government coercion at Investors Business Daily.

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