George Will: Illegals to Take Jobs of Retiring Boomers – Laura Ingraham: Elitists Don’t Send Kids to Public Schools

Radio-host and conservative warrior Laura Ingraham was on the Fox News Sunday panel, and what a breath of fresh air she brought to the usual stodgy tone. The transcript below is only a small portion beginning with Wallace pitting Laura against George Will in the illegal alien debate. Will opines that Boomers are retiring and we need “human capital” (nasty term, I hate it). How many jobs, that boomers are retiring from today, does Will think illegals can step into? Boomers, who hold jobs after years of hard work and tenure can retire because of that hard work, not because they are gardeners (no offense intended to all the great and talented gardeners out there). Unless you enjoy blather, pick it up at 3:40 into the video with Wallace quoting the Wall Street Journal’s support for the Senate immigration/amnesty bill.

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham

WILL: With three needs the country has, the welfare state needs it’s workforce replenished, as the elderly retire, 10,000 baby boomers every day, becoming eligible for Social Security and Medicare. Second, there’s an intense global competition for human capital and we’re losing out on that. Third, to immigrate is to make an entrepreneurial act. It’s to uproot yourself, and perhaps your family and take a risk, and those are the kind of people I want more of.

But of course, these people are already here. They are not uprooted. They’ve already rooted; eleven million or probably many more, and the way the Senate legislation is written, they will bring millions in behind them.

INGRAHAM: Don’t we care about American workers at all, their jobs and their wages and their dreams?

WILL: Laura, you’re the one arguing the AFLCIO argument which is…

INGRAHAM: They’re for it.

WILL: No, but they are for it with so many caveats that they nullify it.

INGRAHAM: Then why have borders?

WILL: You are arguing the zero-sum game, when in the lives of our children and grandchildren, there are 500 million Americans, and they are all going to be working because we are going to have econonic dynamism, aided by immigration.

George Will

George Will

Will is fanatically and fantastically projecting economic dynamism from the many millions of illegals, a large portion of whom have who little education. At the same time, we have unemployment numbers north of double-digits if the truth were told (one Wall Street adviser places it at a horrifyingly 37%, and gives good reasons why he’s right).

INGRAHAM: The argument leads to why borders at all. Why have a border? If it’s just about people as widgets who come in and are workers, without worrying about assimilation, without concern about how it affects people in middle America — a lot of people who are in favor of this don’t send their kids to public schools, are not affected by illegal immigration at all. I would submit that there are people who are watching this show right now who are screaming at the top of their lungs, saying, who in Washington is watching my interests?

My hubby was one of those.

INGRAHAM: The labor shortage argument that Paul Ryan is making, we have an impending labor shortage, I think transparently, it is ridiculous to most people, today. We don’t have participation in the work force as it is.

WILL: It’s not a shortage, it’s growth we want. We don’t want a [inaudible]

INGRAHAM: Then we can talk about legal immigration, not illegal immigration.

Notice how quickly Will stepped away from that one.

WILL: Let’s talk about the borders. As you know, 40 percent of all the people here illegally, overstayed their visas…

INGRAHAM: Why don’t we crackdown on that then?

WILL: Go ahead and crackdown, but that is still compatible…

INGRAHAM: We don’t want to crackdown on it. There’s no will to enforce the border. There is no faith in this administration to do it and the Republican elites and the Democrat elites agree, and the people are revolting across the country.

Toward the end of the video, Juan Williams pouts that Obama has deported more illegals than Bush. In a right-on-time analysis from Newsbusters, we find again that that isn’t exactly true — in fact, it isn’t true at all:

At the current rate, deportations during Obama’s presidency will exceed those under Bush at some point this spring, five years into Obama’s tenure in office versus eight years for Bush.

But, the administration fudges its numbers:

Specifically, those illegals caught by the Border Patrol who are shuttled to a different town along the border before they’re returned are being dishonestly counted as deportations. The point of this Alien Transfer Exit Program (ATEP) is to disrupt smuggling networks and make it harder to just keep crossing until you get through. But they’re still just returns, without any “administrative or criminal consequences placed on subsequent reentry.” This has falsely increased of the number of total removals by more than 100,000 in the past two years. Smith noted, “When the numbers from this Border Patrol program are removed from this year’s deportation data, it shows that removals are actually down 20 percent from 2009.”

Since 9/11/01, the numbers of those legally allowed into the country have swelled to gargantuan proportions, as our southern border continues to be crossed illegally every day, every night. Students from Saudi Arabia alone, have increased 500 percent since the World Trade Towers fell, the Pentagon was attacked and America heroes of unbelievable courage took a plane down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania – all in one day, with 15 of 19 hijackers from that country — Saudi Arabia. Obama grew the usual number of Muslim immigrants from 100,000 annually to 800,000 for the year 2010. We have massive legal immigration from all around the world today. We haven’t a clue how many visitors were allowed in on visas, now expired.

Ingraham is right that elitists on both sides of the aisle are not concerned about average Americans who must live along side what amounts to large cities of lawbreakers. We’ve had 13 years since 9/11/01 to fix the visa process and we have done nothing. Nothing. There is nothing good in Congressional reform without a secured border first. Secure it. Prove it and then bring on the next step. Thanks to Barracuda Brigade for the video.

Fox News Sunday Panel: Laura Ingraham and George Will on Illegal Aliens (video)
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  • maryland2

    I listened to the original broadcast last Sunday. I think Laura did a great job differentiating the George Will -GOP and the Laura Ingraham-Tea Party. She was fabulous and I wish we had more people that can articulate the message as well.

    • maryland2, I agree and she was gentle on him. I’m not sure that this is her first time on Fox News Sunday, but I can’t remember seeing her any other time. Saw her on another Fox panel (can’t remember which) and am hoping they will begin to use her to great advantage. When she is unleashed, she is devastating to the progressive argument.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    I think George Will and others who act in a similar “PC” way know they are wrong and that the policies they are defending are wrong. But they also know their income, adoration, party invites and pals would all disappear if the left is forced to call them racist, homophobic anti-immigrant hate mongers. So they play it safe, they become the “moderate” conservatives. You know the kind of conservative that Obama and Reid can actually work with and depend on to help them create legislation. They are traitors to their beliefs and their supporters.

    • GoneWithTheWind, each one engaging in this behavior should stop to realize that “moderate” is now Left. When Pelosi began the huge shift left, and Obama finished it off for her, the middle is Left. I listen to Juan Williams and I know he is Liberal, but I also know he can’t believe everything he says. He looks lamer every day. They all do, on both sides.

  • Geo

    Will, Ryan and the rest of the republican elitist talk about these “labor replacements” like they will never draw from the system that “they” contend they are propping up now, under their plan.

    It’s a specious and ridiculous argument. These “replacements” aren’t going to work, pay taxes including FICA taxes and at some point in time just walk away. They will eventually want to draw from the system also. It just kicks the can down the per verbal road.

    It’s a vicious, perpetual cycle. It will never end, but it does expose the entire system for the Ponzi scheme that it is. A program that includes a pathway to citizenship will only add to the problems eventually. A guest worker program where they work and them return home is the only program that would appear to help the situation. But libs would never agree to a situation like that. They need and want the votes.

    Laura did a great job on Sunday. She has appeared on Fox News Sunday before, just not on a regular basis.

    • Geo, absolutely they will be added to the system. Those here and considered illegal now, encroachment on much of our welfare system. Everyone involved in the Senate bill, including those in the House supporting it, are liars.

  • Rebecca

    I know someone retiring this year from a non-elitist job. He works with machines. So far they can’t find a younger person with the skills or patience needed to replace him or even one who can learn on the job. It takes about five years as an apprentice to learn this job well, and the more you learn, the more it pays. The retirees, in general, have all around skills that the younger ones are unfamiliar with. And so, work in the future is not going to be up to the standards we are used to. Also in the future, the people will rely on the computer, instead of their own brains for figuring out their jobs. So sad.

    • Rebecca, add to all that you said, the fact that the ability to speak English to do a job, or understand how to learn to do a job will affect replacement.

      • Rebecca

        I’m glad you noticed what I left out. The younger people in this country can’t do these jobs because they aren’t taught to know a hammer from a screw driver, or a live wire from a dead one. Ditto for the uneducated people coming in from other countries. Not knowing English makes it worse. Plus, there is no work ethic in most parts of the world, and it is becoming rare here. People coming from foreign countries used to have sponsors, now they have welfare. The people on welfare here are in the top 50% richest people in the world, according to one economist….
        George Will should think about retirement….since he can no longer think about what is best for this country.

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