Connecticuters Not Registering Military-Styled Weapons: Lesson – Pass Laws That People Don’t Respect & They’re Ignored

Conscious civil disobedience going on in Connecticut? Connecticut lawmakers hurriedly passed new gun registration laws four months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School murders in Newtown, Ct. Residents were to register all “military-style rifles” with state police by December 31, 2012, but fewer than 50,000 applications for registration were received by that time. Dan Haar writing for The Courant estimates unregistered military-styled weapons in the state may range from 100,000 to 350,000.

Pistol Grip Does Not Make a Weapon More Lethal

Pistol Grip Does Not Make a Weapon More Lethal

And that means as of Jan. 1, Connecticut has very likely created tens of thousands of newly minted criminals — perhaps 100,000 people, almost certainly at least 20,000 — who have broken no other laws. By owning unregistered guns defined as assault weapons, all of them are committing Class D felonies.

“I honestly thought from my own standpoint that the vast majority would register,” said Sen. Tony Guglielmo, R-Stafford, the ranking GOP senator on the legislature’s public safety committee. “If you pass laws that people have no respect for and they don’t follow them, then you have a real problem.”

Collapsible Stocks Do Not Make a Weapon More Lethal

Collapsible Stocks Do Not Make a Weapon More Lethal

A Justice official said “an aggressive hunt isn’t going to happen.” The next plan might be to send “a letter,” and and “outreach campaign.”

It could be a tough sell. On Thursday night, Guglielmo heard from a constituent at a meeting in Ashford, who said most of his friends with military-style rifles such as AR-15s had not come forward.

“He made the analogy to prohibition,” Guglielmo said. “I said, ‘You’re talking about civil disobedience, and he said ‘Yes.’ ” (see the Courant link above)

Maybe the good gun-owners of Connecticut will set the gold standard for civil disobedience.

Not familiar with the difference between “assault weapons,” “military-styled weapons,” semi-automatics and fully-automatics?” Here’s some information:

What some people call “assault weapons” function like every other normal firearm — they fire only one bullet each time the trigger is pressed. Unlike automatics (machine guns), they do not fire continuously as as the trigger is held. …Today in America, most handguns are semi-automatics, as are many long guns, including the best-selling rifle today, the AR-15, the model used in the Newtown shooting. Some of these guns look like machine guns, but they do not function like machine guns.” ~ Source: Wall Street Journal

Assault weapons function like a ranch rifle and a shotgun and a pistol and a double-action revolver. They all fire one round each time the trigger is pulled.

…Assault weapons…are a new topic. The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons — anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun — can only increase the change of public support for restrictions on these weapons. Source: NRA

AssaultWeapon Info (I recommend this site for those not familiar with what our government is attempting to do – the graphics are great):

In the late 1980s, more than two decades after the AR-15 was first sold to the american public, the anti-gun lobby began a systematic campaign to conflate it and other “military-style” firearms with machine guns. The media followed suit, and soon the American public began to think that an assault weapon was, like the assault rifles it resembled, a machine gun.

This strategy came to fruition in 1993, when the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) was introduced in Congress. The AWB would ban the sale of new assault weapons to American civilians.

However, since “assault weapon” was an invented term, it had no technical meaning. Before assault weapons could be banned, legislators had to define them.

Because assault rifles were already banned, and because an outright ban on semi-automatic firearms wasn’t considered political feasible, the AWB defined assault weapons as semi-automatic firearms that shared too many cosmetic features with their fully automatic counterparts.

One more recommendation, visit The Right Planet for more on “assault weapons,” “high capacity magazines,” the-so-called Gun Show “loophole,” anti-gun organizations lumping in suicide and injuries with crime data, and false zero-sum dichotomy.

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  • Rick Lakehomer

    Effing retarded law and even more retarded state. Whys should they follow a terrible law? Criminals never follow the laws. Owning a toy water pistol makes you a terrorist in states like this anyhow.

    • Rick Lakehomer, this is a positive sign. It had to start somewhere. It will be interesting to see what “authorities” do now.

  • Fixall

    Once again……..”What part of the second amendment don’t they understand? Infringe…..SHALL NOT.

  • nbamron

    That “grip” thing that Ted Cruz pointed out — that the assault-classified weapon and the non-assault classified weapon are identical save for the grip and that it shows how stupid the left is — I’ve thought about it and I see it from the other end — soon someone would say, ‘look — these guns are identical except for the stupid grip thing” and make that illegal too. That’s a sly way to expand the guns you have outlawed. Tyranny rules, sic semper tyrannis.

    • nbarom, the left just hates independent Americans willing to take care of themselves and their own. They loathe the attitude and everything about self-protection. They are going to lose this one unless the ballot box disappears.

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  • Richard Mooney

    glad I live in a State where I can own, possess, and shoot an automatic weapon.