Catherine Engelbrecht: Can Elijah Cummings Be Responsible for IRS Targeting Her? Files Formal Ethics Complaint Against Cummings

Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote and King Street Patriots interviewed with Megyn Kelly regarding her targeting by the IRS. The conversation revolved around Engelbrecht’s formal complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics, alleging Cummings “misrepresented his authority as a Member of Congress to intimidate….” Her attorney Cleta Mitchell is quoted saying Cummings may be have been responsible for the IRS zeroing-in on Engelbrecht, her family, her private business and two non-profits. Read Cummings’ letter here. Both video and transcript of Mrs. Engelbrecht’s interview with Megyn Kelly are below.

Catherine Engelbrecht

Catherine Engelbrecht

KELLY: Shortly after the hearing wrapped up, that witness we were discussing, Catherine Engelbrecht, made what’s being called ‘a very unusual move.’ She filed a formal ethics complaint against Congressman Elijah Cummings. She has accused him of intimidation. He has denied any wrong doing.

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly

The Kelly File reached out to the Congressman for comment but his office has not yet gotten back to us. Catherine Englebrecht joins me now….Let’s advance the story by taking it to the Ethics complaint against the Congressman, and why bring him into it, specifically?

ENGELBRECHT: He’s the ranking minority member of that Committee and frankly, Megyn, the thought of having to sit before my accuser and be silent in the face of what he did, it was unconscionable.

KELLY: What did he do?

ENGELBRECHT: Well, he filed over a period of months, beginning in October of 2012, he filed three letters that he sent to me, asserting that he was opening an investigation. He sent this on House Oversight and Government Reform letterhead, but the funny things is, the way I found out about it was from an LA Times reporter who called for comment after the Congressman had done quite a series of cable news shows, talking about what he believed to be the activities of True the Vote, based on fundamentally flawed information. He didn’t call me first, just went public, went to the press on a defamation, per se, national tour.

KELLY: [goes to video clip] This is what he says about why he did that. Here he is.

CUMMINGS: Letters were sent out, as a ranking member, I have, as the ranking member of this committee, I did nothing different from what Mr. Issa has done in looking into this situation.

KELLY: He basically says he had to investigate your group, that protecting the right to vote is very important to him, but as I mentioned before, many on the left do not like groups like yours because they think, rather than sniffing out voter fraud, what you mean to do is suppress the vote.

ENGELBRECHT: All he would have had to have done is contact us and ask us for our information, but he didn’t. He sent a letter, then went public for what was, undoubtedly, a really healthy publicity bump for him. Meanwhile, me, a private citizen, not a government employee, not an appointee — I didn’t even have my non-profit status at that point, what was there to oversee? He singled me out for his purposes.

KELLY: On the subject of what you were there to testify on today, we went through the list with Congressman Jordan. Six FBI visits, two ATF visits, personal audits, business audits, OSHA visits. You heard the exchange. Could this be a coincidence? It’s either coincidence or it’s paranoia, one or the other. Your thoughts?

ENGELBRECHT: I think it’s the weaponizing of government and I think regardless of your political affiliations, we should all, as Americans, be very troubled, by what we see happening, and I am a living example of exactly what really is happening. I submit that this goes very deep into the West wing of the White House.

KELLY: I should point out, that of course, they’ve denied that. That the Inspector General has not attributed this to specific political targeting, but the investigation is ongoing, despite what the President said, there is still a criminal probe that is open right now with the FBI and the DOJ, and it remains to be seen how that will officially come out. Catherine, thanks for being with us.

End video transcript

H/T Gulag Bound

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