Britain License Tag Recording System Used to Spy on Political Activists: America’s Turn

The Department of Homeland Security’s Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is seeking sources for access to a National License Plate Recognition (NLPR) database service.

Vehicle with License Plate Scanning Camera

Vehicle with License Plate Scanning Camera

The system will “track vehicle license plate numbers that pass through cameras or are voluntarily entered into the system from a variety of sources (access control systems, asset recovery specialists, etc.) and uploaded to share with law enforcement” in order to help locate “criminal aliens and absconders.” Source: InfoWars (read more here)

UK License Plate Recording System

UK License Plate Recording System

The British system, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) was used for those not in agreement with established government.

John Catt (UK)

John Catt (UK)

John Catt found himself on the wrong side of the ANPR system. He regularly attends anti-war demonstrations outside a factory in Brighton, his home town.

It was at one of these protests that Sussex police put a “marker” on his car. That meant he was added to a “hotlist”.

This is a system meant for criminals but John Catt has not been convicted of anything and on a trip to London, the pensioner found himself pulled over by an anti-terror unit.

“I was threatened under the Terrorist Act. I had to answer every question they put to me, and if there were any questions I would refuse to answer, I would be arrested. I thought to myself, what kind of world are we living in?”

It’s important to say here that I know little about John Catt. What I know from a search is that at 87-years-old in February 2012, he sued the police over their surveillance database which contained records of more than 55 demonstrations that he attended for over a four-year period. In March 2013 Catt won his case and his records were ordered to be deleted.

The police had detailed how the Brighton pensioner took out his sketchpad and made drawings of demonstrations he attended. Also logged were slogans on his clothes and details of his appearance, such as “clean-shaven”.

His legal action threatens to deal another blow to the secretive National Public Order Intelligence Unit, which has been covertly monitoring protesters since 1999.

The unit has recorded the activities of thousands of campaigners on a nationwide database. Defeat in the court case would put pressure on it to delete details of activists from the database…

On another occasion, police wrote that he was on a demonstration against Guantánamo Bay in September 2005, adding: “John CATT was seen wearing a Free Omar T-shirt, he was clean-shaven … John CATT was very quiet and was holding a board with orange people on it.”

I have a dream: drawing after drawing of TEA Partiers, decked-out in red, white and blue, greeting soldiers as they come home, presiding over seminars where the Second Amendment is discussed, protests outside the Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C., the IRS downloading tag number after tag number, drawing after drawing, NSA downloading tag number after tag number, drawing after drawing. It never ends.

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