Benjamin Smith Threatened “Bush Will Get His:” Slay a Dragon to Get Daughter Barbara Bush’s Attention

“I have to slay a dragon and then Barbara Bush will be mine” wrote Benjamin Smith, 44. Smith wanted Barbara Pierce Bush, G.W.’s daughter, and apparently the former president was the “dragon” needing slaying. Smith left a note for his mother saying he would kill G.W. and left their home with a rifle. He was found near Barbara’s New York City home with a rifle and gasoline in his car. G.W. was not in New York at the time.

Barbara Pierce Bush

Barbara Pierce Bush

“Bush will get his,” Pittsford, New York, resident Benjamin Smith, 44, screamed after authorities tracked him to Lexington Ave. and E. 28th St. in Kips Bay — a short distance from the first twin’s Greenwich Village home — at 6:15 a.m. Friday, officials said.

Investigators arrested Smith after a loaded Rossi .38-caliber rifle and a container of gasoline were found in his vehicle.

The Secret Service had been looking for Smith for more than 12 hours, after he left a note with his mother threatening to kill the 43rd President and disappeared with the rifle, authorities said.

“I have to slay a dragon and then Barbara Bush will be mine,” he wrote, according to court documents. “America is finished.”

Smith’s mom gave Monroe County police the note at about 5 p.m. on Thursday, sparking the manhunt, officials said.

Secret Service officers tracked Smith’s cellphone more than 350 miles to Manhattan at about 4 a.m. — then through Midtown until he came to a stop in Kips Bay, officials said.

“I’m divorced and not currently seeing anyone, but I am working on a relationship with Barbara Bush,” Smith told investigators after his arrest, court documents reveal. Source: New York Daily News

Have you noticed how many of these nutcases still live with their mothers?

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