Battleground Texas Busted: Forge Names on Ballots, Record Voter Information Illegally and They Bug You

Battleground Texas is a Leftist get-out-the vote, ‘turn Texas blue’ organization. Four things: 1) if you live in

James O'Keefe

James O’Keefe

Texas, they have your voter information direct from the Texas Secretary of State. They bought it; 2) Everytime they sign-up someone to vote, they enter the information into their database, and you will hear from them again; 3) they forge names on ballots, and 4) Wade Rathke’s ACORN, in another shell, is still alive and well – all documented in the video below. This is more excellent work from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, Quote from Wall Street Journal

Texas Governor Rick Perry, Quote from Wall Street Journal

Pull-out Quote from Project Veritas video. Please add “allegedly” to all of the names below, please.

JENNIFER LONGORIA So My Voters is a list of every single registered voter in Texas, that we have purchased from the Secretary of State and then downloaded into our database. So this is everybody. Every single person that’s registered…So every time we register somebody to vote, we keep their name, address, phone number, just so that we can get to them.

You’ll see Texas Law as a caption under the quotation above directly above.

James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas says this is the “new ACORN.”

The Austin American Statesman quotes Wade Rathke, the founder of ACORN and still chief organizer with ACORN International and United Labor Union Local 100, saying he was “on the lookout for O’Keefe.”

Rathke has been busted by O’Keefe several times.

Local 100, Rathke wrote, “instituted weekly staffwide calls for all organizers. We put out instructions and guides on how to identify possible O’Keefe acolytes. We set up an early warning system in all of our offices for any suspicious characters or questions that seemed inappropriate. We did office-by-office training session on how to handle O’Keefers…Battleground has sought to keep 10,000 volunteers from saying or doing anything that might play into O’Keefe’s hands.

Jennifer Longoria didn’t get the memo.

Allegedly, a Project Veritas investigator is talking with “Lisa Wortham, Battleground Texas Lewisville Team Leader, Deputy Voter Registrar and attorney,” in the video:

PROJECT VERITAS INVESTIGATOR: So we had received absentee forms one year and I just signed his name on one. I mean, is that okay? Because… [Wortham puts her hands over her ears and smiles.]

PROJECT VERITAS INVESTIGATOR: I’m going to do it again because he’s not going to vote and he’s know it’s important to me he’s like go ahead, go to your meetings.

Wortham then waves her hand, saying something (the music is loud) and then says [inaudible] “do it all the time.”

Here’s the original story from Breitbart, read more here.

Texas Election Code prohibits the use of, or even the copying of, phone numbers provided by individuals registering to vote.

“Every time we register somebody to vote, we keep their name, address, phone number,” Longoria said.

If you live in Texas and you receive one of these phone calls made possible through the illegal capture of your information, I suggest you flood the Texas Secretary of State’s office with phone call, emails, faxes, Tweets and Facebook comments and do the same with every one of your Texas State Legislators and U.S. Representatives and Senators.

James O’Keefe, Project Veritas, Reveals Battleground Texas’ unlawful voter fraud activities (video)
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  • Guest

    Acorn..renamed and still in action. Sneaky little rats.

  • Fixall

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m sure there was a lot of voter fraud in the last Presidential election.

    • Libtardharvestor

      You mean like the one Pennsylvania County That went 110% for Obama? Of course that included the hundred or so “voters” that were over the total number of county residents, much less old enough to vote. Or the voter registration drives in Chicago cemeteries? It was a former Chicago Mayor who gave us the phrase “Vote early, vote often!”

  • GoneWithTheWind

    I have a friend who volunteered for the Democrats in the 2008 election. His job was to drive a 12 passenger van to pick up voters and bring them to the pools and back in a large California city. What actually happened though was slightly different then he expected. He would be told where to meet a “handler” and when he arrived at the street corner or parking lot a guy with 6-8 homeless people would get in and he would be directed by the “handler” to drive to a specific polling place. The “handler” would give each homeless person a card with the name and address of the person who’s name they would use to cast their vote. He would wait until the “voters” came back and then the “handler” directed him to another polling place where the “handler” would hand out new cards with different names to be used by the “voters”. They would go to about half a dozen polling places and then he would drop the “handler” and the homeless people off where the “handler” would give the homeless people a gift pack and some cash for their “serivce”. The driver was then directed to a new street corner or parking lot where another “handler” and 6-8 homeless people were waiting for him and he would do it all again. He said at one point he was frustrated with what he was seeing and asked the “handler” if this was legal. The handler replied “just mind your business and do your job and we will get along just fine”. My friend probably voted for Obama in 2012 but I noticed he didn’t volunteer anymore.

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  • nbamron

    on the look-out for Okeefites? These people are really both stupid and thuggish. The law has zero meaning; any means to an end. The war is on, looks like. There haven’t been any bullets fired by anybody outside the government yet, but the war is on.

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