AntiFracking Vera Scroggins, Parental Child ‘Pleasuring’ Advocate: Legally Banned From Hospital, Chinese Resturant, SuperMarkets, Cabot Leases

Anti-Fracking freak and “naturalized citizen” activist Vera Scroggins took on Phelim McAleer in the video below during an anti-fracking protest in 2013. McAleer knew at the time Scroggins had online postings about parents “pleasure[ing]” their children but chose not to shove it in her face (at least not in this video clip], the way she shoves the microphone in his. A Pennsylvania Judge has now banned her from trespassing on the 20,000 acres of land leased by Cabot Oil, and an astonishing number of other non-energy-related locations she once frequented:

Vera Scroggins, Phelim McAleer

Vera Scroggins, Phelim McAleer

Scroggins, an outspoken opponent of fracking, is legally barred from the new county hospital. Also off-limits, unless Scroggins wants to risk fines and arrest, are the Chinese restaurant where she takes her grandchildren, the supermarkets and drug stores where she shops, the animal shelter where she adopted her Yorkshire terrier, bowling alley, recycling centre, golf club, and lake shore. Source: The Guardian

The area Cabot leases is in Susquehanna County. I believe the businesses listed above are in that county and apparently on land that Cabot leased-lands.

Scroggins wasn’t winning friends in the community either. There are landowners in Susquehana County who have made money off leasing their land to Cabot and other gas companies for fracking. “The consensus is basically that it has been a lifeline to an area that was struggling,” Legg said. (see link to The Guardian above)

While she is a “heroine” to some environmentalists, some of her prior online messages show she may be a child predator.

Scroggins expressed her desire for parents to engage their children sexually at a young age in a series of messages in 2001 posted to an online message board called Peacelist.

“Are there cultures that mothers or fathers pleasure their children and teenagers sexually or genitally and also possibly initiate them into sexual expression at some point?” she asked.

“I have had intuitive thoughts that such would be a healthy way for parents to interact with their children and introduce their children to sensual/sexual pleasure and bonding and loving practices.”

“Who better to do it, than the parents first?” she wrote.

According to an online description, the now-defunct Peacelist was “dedicated to the advancement of the human species by restoring its natural peacefulness, through the means of affectionate parenting and sexual freedom.”

Its creator, German author Erik Möller, also held unorthodox views on sexuality. Möller advocated “the importance of ‘Mothering’ and of youth affectional sexual relationships for peaceful and loving behaviors.” Source: Free Beacon

Vera apparently did post the above. Those apparently are her words, as she defended them by saying they were “out of context.”

Dave Blount from Moonbattery, writing at RightWingNews observed:

It’s not that progressives don’t understand right and wrong. It’s that they deliberately choose wrong.

At the time of the video, Scroggins had not yet been banned by the court.

Vera Scroggins, Child ‘Pleasuring’ Advocate, Attacks Phelim McAleer – America’s Energy Supply (video)
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