Ann Dunham Not Obama’s Mother?

Several blogs are covering this story extensively, so I’m giving a few pertinent details and then linking back to my original source, The Daley Gator. The short story is that a British barrister (attorney), Michael Shrimpton, is on video, pre-2008 elections, saying the CIA tested a water glass from which Obama drank while attending a fundraiser. DNA allegedly shows that Ann Dunham is not Barack Obama’s mother, but Obama Sr. was his father. While it isn’t entirely clear, I believe Shrimpton is saying that this information is in British files because of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr’s connections to the Mau Mau and the German intelligence network in East Africa. He believes the Brits believe that Obama’s biological mother was one of Obama Sr’s “many mistresses,” but not Stanley Ann Dunham. Shrimpton says it has been “established” that Dunham was not pregnant in the July before Obama was born in August 1961, and Barack Obama has no DNA match to Dunham’s parents The claim is that Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya in 1960, not in Hawaii in 1961. We’ve seen the Mombasa connection crop-up for years now. Shrimpton does not say when the test was done nor how he knows the test was done. On the other side of the coin, the politicians mentioned below are not protesting the information, nor is the CIA (that I have found) and Shrimpton is still breathing, so there’s that.

The photos above are the only images I find with Obama, Sr. and Ann Dunham together with Barry Obama (Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.). Note that the location and the clothing of Senior appear to be at the same place and same time and Barry is not a baby or a toddler.

The first instance I can find of this video being put on the internet is April 13, 2012, and Shrimpton is at an event or meeting to discuss the legitimacy of the European Union, and perhaps specifically Britain’s membership related to constitutionality. There is no information where the speech took place nor for what group or organization. This second longer video at The Daley Gator is titled “Barrister Michael Shrimpton – EU – Obama born in Kenya – German DVD-[OSS something unreadable].” Early on Shrimpton mentions both “radical Muslims” and “good Muslims,” in Afghanistan, refers to Hamid Karzai as a “good guy,” (remember this is 2008). He likes former Russian president Demetri Medvedev and Putin, and the “democratic election” being held in Russia. He refers to the “Global warming nutters,” and then goes into the Obama story and then goes into his EU speech where I tuned out.

The Daley Gator’s report on Michael Shrimpton’s background is where I started. At some point, Wikipedia scrubbed Shrimpton’ page. The Daley Gator has the scrubbed page, so it is available, but don’t stop reading there. As you scroll down Daley Gator’s page, you’ll find some fascinating information about Ann Dunham, Loretta Fuddy, Sudbud and the name Barack Hussein Soebarkah (Barry Soebarakh), as well as Rudy Guiliani and Hillary Clinton’s  “people’s” knowledge of this information in 2008. Follow the links for all the details. 

Michael Shrimpton

Michael Shrimpton

Looking for more about Michael Shrimpton beyond being a “barrister,” I find that he is shown as a columnist for Veterans Today, which features Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, with recent columns titled “The Humiliation, I didn’t make the top 10 Anit-Semite List,” and “Zionists Occupy USA.”

I found a Shrimpton column in Veterans Today making claims about the Sandy Hook murders:

Word on the street is that the organisational and logistic aspects of the Sandy Hook shootings were set up by the ‘Latin Kings’ narcotics gang, who are said to have assets in Newtown police.  That would make sense, since these days they tend to be tied into Mexico…

Sandy Hook will lead to increased intelligence focus on the Latin Kings gang.  Given their Chicago roots there is bound to be speculation about links between them and the notoriously corrupt Obama Administration. Source: Michael Shrimpton, Veterans Today

Shrimpton seems to have a problem with Germans — just from what I’ve seen around the InterWebs. I do not believe the theories that children did not die at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT.

In the banner bio of Shrimpton as a columnist, it links to his deleted Wiki page, and other links leading to the reason for deletion, one of which is “fake page,” one that says there are two Michael Shrimptons, one id’ed as “Afd discussion,” and one id’ed as “barrister and terror expert.” At Veterans Today, Shrimpton has recently published a series on the “Kennedy Conspiracy.” No, I have not read them. He also has a website, The Shrimpton Report.

Western Journalism in January 2014 comments on Obama’s inconvenient press timelines over a 14 year period:

In a recent American Thinker report, one specific aspect of Obama’s childhood is explored in detail, resulting in the conclusion that at least one of the president’s biographical timelines is inaccurate.

Citing media reports released over the past 14 years, Jason Kissner highlights a discrepancy that seems to put a young Obama in two very different places at one time. While an Illinois Daily Herald article from 1990 indicates he lived in Asia from the age of 2 until he reached fifth grade, a Los Angeles Times report from the same year suggests he spent just six years in Indonesia before returning to Hawaii in preparation for college.

While those two accounts might suggest Obama reached fifth grade by the age of eight, at which time he promptly began studying for college, a subsequent entry in Hawaii Business adds another wrinkle to his purported past. That report suggests Obama was in Hawaii for at least his kindergarten year in elementary school, which represents a major departure from the timeline advanced in the previous articles.

Furthermore, his education records – along with his mother’s passport – are no longer available for review.

The Birther Report has some information on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s new investigation into the Obama’s birth certificate put on the Internet by the White House. At least one additional news conference is coming, and the head of Arpaio’s “cold posse” working on the case says it has news that is “universe shattering.” Read the story at The Birther Report

We wouldn’t be talking about Obama’s ‘origins’ if there were not so many mysteries about an obviously forged presidential birth certificate. We know something is out-of-sorts, we just can’t put all the pieces together. I have no trouble believing that if the CIA did find the results in the opening paragraph, they might keep it quiet. For what reason, I don’t know, but there isn’t a single conjured deceit and/or corruption that I cannot believe. So I, and others, keep talking.

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  • smrstrauss

    Re Shrimpton:

    This guy is lying, like the MANY birther lies in the past, and three forged “Kenyan birth certificates” and the forged videos and the forged Columbia University “Student ID” (which claims to show that Obama was a foreign student, whereas Columbia has never put “foreign student” on a student ID, and you can call up the Columbia University PR department yourself and ask). Like the LIE that Obama’s Kenyan grandmother said that he was born in Kenya—-when she said repeatedly in the taped telephone call that Obama was born IN HAWAII (birther sites simply did not quote her and cut off the tape recordings on their sites just BEFORE she was asked where he was born—-I wonder why they did that????).

    Birther lawyer Orly Taitz said: “British Attorney Michael Shrimpton contacted Attorney Orly Taitz a year ago, on February 7, 2013. He claimed that there was a DNA test proving Obama was not connected to Dunhams, his maternal grandparents. When Taitz requested some proof, Shrimpton provided absolutely nothing. Further, Shrimpton was trying to get money from Taitz to bribe officials in Kenya. If he has a DNA test, why does he need to bribe officials in Kenya? Without any proof of his statements Shrimpton might be either an opportunist seeking money or working for a joined CIA-MI6 operation to try to discredit Taitz and others by bringing forward hoaxes. Shrimpton needs to provide some evidence in order to be believed.” ( [That is what ORLY TAITZ said.]

    More information at:

    • smstruss, I have not trouble believing he doesn’t have proof of the test, just as I have no problem believeing that the bc he put out is forged. I gave everything I could find about Shrimpton and he seems to be a conspiracy theorist, but who knows. Obama falls into that category as well.

      • ellen

        Obama has shown the birth certificate of Hawaii, short form and long form, and the officials of Hawaii of both parties have repeatedly stated that they sent them to him. Even the Kapiolani Hospital has confirmed that Obama was born there—twice (birther sites did not show either of them to you). Among those who confirmed Obama’s BC was the former Republican governor of Hawaii, a friend of Sarah Palin’s. And Obama’s birth in Hawaii is further confirmed by the public Index Data file and the birth notices sent to the Hawaii newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961 (and ONLY the DOH of Hawaii could send notices to that section of the newspaper, and it only did so for births in Hawaii).

        In contrast to the FACTS above, what is this guy alleging. He alleges that Stanley Ann was not Obama’s real mother (although she treated him like a mother all her life). It alleges that somehow Obama’s Kenyan father was able to smuggle a child from Kenya to Hawaii without apparently getting a US visa for the child (You know we don’t allow children to be just carried into the USA without papers) and then somehow got the officials in Hawaii to issue the birth certificate in 1961—and in 1961 the Hawaii DOH was only allowed to issue a birth certificate to children born in Hawaii.

        This guy has claimed that three or four British prime ministers were secretly appointed by the German government and that one of them was a child molester. He spoke in 2008—before the election with the obvious motive of affecting the election. And yet you believe him and not the former Republican governor of Hawaii, and the Index Data and the birth notices.

        Well, RATIONAL people don’t believe him.

  • KatieNorcross

    I have heard this in the past and know it is just hot air. His birth is not important. Getting him impeached is.

    • Katie, I hope you are successful in getting him impeached.

      • smrstrauss

        See above.

    • smrstrauss

      You have the right to ask your congressman and senators to impeach, and they have the right to ignore you. It takes PROOF of high crimes or misdemeanors to impeach, and so far there isn’t any and hasn’t even been hearings on the subject in the House of Representatives, and it takes a TWO-THIRDS vote of the US Senate to convict in an impeachment trial. And, guess what, in the highly unlikely event you could get the house to impeach and two-thirds of the senate to convict, then Joe Biden would become president.

  • Yos

    Never mind Strauss.

    Odd. I was betting that a DNA sample would prove Barry’s parents were both of them American: Dunham and F! Marshall Davis.

    In any case, Obama owed us his school and university records and all of his passports. Past-tense, because I no-longer trust anything the man says or publishes.

    The official WH “birth certificate” color photocopy falls apart in Adobe into component layers (exactly as Obama’s composite girlfriend did.) It was a cheesy – if humorous – fraud. I know – I pulled it from the WH link and noted that it was visually odd. So I opened it in Illustrator. It has more layers than a fruitcake. (Did someone mention fruitcake?)

    The fact that it is a composite fake AND that the BC pdf was not password-protected reminded me of Obama giving Hillary the finger live on-stage. It has been six years. Only the angels know what sort of mythopoeia and mischief is going on.

    And to me, it no longer matters who his parents were. Just impeach the bastard, and try him for high crimes and treason.

    • Yos, the one thing I feel completely confident about is Arpaio’s breakdown of the bc. As you say, everything is hidden about this man. As I said, something is out-of-sorts. I do care about his eligibility because it matters for the future, and it certainly matters that Congress has done nothing, with the exception of a very few to assert facts that they can’t back up. I would settle for impeachment but it is not going to happen, although I hope more Jonathan Turleys will come forward and continue to school America on what “overreach” can lead to. Maybe a legion of Turleys could give the House a spine.

    • smrstrauss

      Since neither MItt Romney nor John McCain showed their school or passport records, why should Obama. Oh, and BTW, the nutty idea that Davis is Obamas’ father is simply a birther dream, there’s no evidence behind it at all. But, guess what, IF Davis were his father (which is unlikely), then guess what would happen—NOTHING. That’s because it has no constitutional effect whatever, and also it has no political effect because—wait for it—you cannot inherit political leanings through your DNA.

      Re: “The official WH “birth certificate” color photocopy falls apart in Adobe into component layers…”

      Answer: Duh, that is the way that PDF works. Who told you that it does not use layers?

      Nathan Goulding with The National Review: “We have received several e-mails today calling into question the validity of the PDF that the White House released, namely that there are embedded layers in the document. There are now several other people on the case. We looked into it and dismissed it.… I’ve confirmed that scanning an image, converting it to a PDF, optimizing that PDF, and then opening it up in Illustrator, does in fact create layers similar to what is seen in the birth certificate PDF. You can try it yourself at home.”

      Moreover there is the research on the Xerox WorkCentre, which birther sites simply have not shown you (I wonder why not????)

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  • Arlie

    Everyone is trying to find out who this anti-constitutional freak is. I have read all including that their was a young Barry Soetoro and he was switched with another child and took that name before coming back to HI from Indonesia. That’s the problem, no one knows for sure because of the sealed records and the lies and his anti-American actions. He could be a clone or a transhuman CIA plant or a UN Communist/Islamist parrot, no one know. Those who do know are either dead or silent/paid off? Anyway, he is a danger to America, freedom and liberty and so is the Congress and Courts. Things are very, very wrong. This video might help. The title of it is not what it says it is. I found it while surfing PPSimmons Channel. This woman has found government documents outlining our demise. God Bless America. I look forward to Sheriff Arpio report or Orly winning a case so we can know for sure.

    • Arlie, that is our problem. We haven’t a clue who he is. Won’t it be something if Orly wins this latest one. I hope both she and Joe live through it. I’ll take a look at the video. Many thanks.

      • smrstrauss

        Orly winning the latest one is as likely as the Washington Monument each Saturday strapping on roller skates and skating over to visit with the Lincoln Memorial.

        Obama has shown both his Hawaii short-form BC (the Certification of Live Birth, COLB, which is the OFFICIAL birth certificate of Hawaii, used by thousands of people to get their US passports every year), and he has shown his long form Hawaii BC. And the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed that they sent them to him, and that all the facts, repeat ALL the facts are exactly the same, repeat, EXACTLY the same, as what they sent to him. And Obama’s birth in Hawaii in 1961 is also confirmed by the public Index Data file and the birth notices sent to the Hawaii newspapers in 1961 by the DOH of Hawaii (and ONLY the DOH of Hawaii could send birth notices to that section of the newspapers, the “Health Bureau Statistics” section, where Obama’s birth notice was published, and it only did so for births IN Hawaii).

    • smrstrauss

      The “sealed records” claim is simply one of the standard birther LIES. (The claim that Obama was switched with another child is new birther stupidity.)

      Here are more classic birther lies:

      (1) Birthers said that Obama’s draft card was forged, and indeed it was forged, but Obama did not post his draft card, nor did any representative of Obama—so who do you think forged it? (Okay, I’ll make it easy—the guy who posted it.)

      (2) Birthers have said that Obama became a citizen of Indonesia—but a telephone call to the Indonesian Embassy shows that he was never an Indonesian citizen. Why do you suppose that the birthers did not call the Indonesian embassy to check?

      (3) Birthers said that Obama’s Kenyan grandmother said that he was born in Kenya—but the transcript of the call shows that she said the he was BORN IN HAWAII—why do you suppose they did not quote her accurately and in fact cut off the tape recording of the call on their sites just before she said “born in Hawaii, where his father was studying at the time.” Why do you suppose they did that?

      (4) Birther sites did not tell you about SS Administration clerks making lots of mistakes and that a single digit entered wrong in the zip code would generated a SS number from a place other than where it was applied from. Why do you suppose they did not tell you that?

      (5) Birther sites did not tell their readers that the Kenyan government said that Obama was NOT born there. Why do you suppose they did not tell their readers that?

      (6) Birther sites did not even tell their readers that there is no evidence that Obama’s mother had a passport in 1961—or how very few 18-year-olds did in those days, or how EXTREMELY few women traveled abroad late in pregnancy in those days because of the high risk of stillbirth. Why do you suppose they did not tell you that?

      (7) Birther sites posted videos of Obama that claimed to show that he said “I was born in Kenya”—but you cannot see his mouth move and the originals of those videos have been found, and they do not say “I was born in Kenya..”” Why do you suppose that they posted those videos? Ditto, by the way, for three forged “Kenyan birth certificates.”

      (8) Birther sites said that Obama spent “millions” on hiding his birth certificate. But Obama showed his birth certificate and did not spend a cent on hiding anything. And in fact, as birther sites did not tell their readers, there wasn’t even one lawsuit for Obama’s birth certificate or for records, not one. There were lawsuits to keep Obama off of ballots, but NO lawsuits for his birth certificate or records of any kind. Why do you suppose that birther sites implied that there were lawsuits for Obama’s BC—when there weren’t ANY???

      (9) Birther sites said that Obama’s records are “sealed,” but they are not sealed. They are covered under the ordinary state and federal privacy laws, and Mitt Romney and John McCain and previous presidents did not release similar records either.

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  • ParkerShannon

    Mostly nonsense. Get the facts.

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