An Undisciplined Blogger Tries to Make Amends

The best bloggers, in the conservative blogosphere, regularly link their compatriot’s fine writing. I do try to do that, but they also do routine posts that we call a ‘link-around’ or something similar, in accordance with Stacy McCain’s Rule 2, and even without Rule 2, they do it because they want to say “thank you” to friends. When it comes to posting regular ‘link-arounds’ I am an incredibly undisciplined blogger. I can’t seem to hit the stride of getting into a routine of linkage posts, which also are a great way for my readers to find worthy work, and believe me, there is a lot of it out there. So I begin anew to try to make it happen. Each week in my top, right sidebar, I am featuring a few bloggers, along with the title of their latest post, which I hope will intrigue you to click-out and visit a blog you are not familiar with, or find an interesting topic to explore. In addition, each week I intend to do a post, kinda/sorta like this one to feature those same bloggers with a post other than the one showing in my sidebar. I will be inordinately embarrassed if I fail to make this work!



Find some great reading here:

Always on Watch (she’s having a birthday weekend): You betcha…

Blur Brain: Ukraine President flees Kiev

Bunkerville: John Fund highlights “notable” bad acts missed in upcoming Hillary movie

Conservative Hideout 2.0: Girl Scouts Threaten Life News, Lie About Relationship with Planned Parenthood

Linked at My Daily Musings Article Read – thank you!

Pirate’s Cove: New Jersey Looks To Limit Magazines to 10 Bullets

Political Realities: The IRS Complains About Low Resources

The Daley Gator: Thanks Barack…U.S. Electricity Production Declines As Price Index Soars To New Record

Needless to say, all my great blogger friends will be linked. In the meantime, I have blogrolls in both sidebars. When you have time, please scan them and visit someone new.

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  • Some Rabbit

    You are a most gracious lady.

  • I appreciate the link to Political Realities. I know from experience the link posts are difficult and timing consuming to do. I used to do one every Sunday, but I have long since abandoned that project. I enjoyed doing my Sunday Hunt For Links posts, but the time involved was simply too much.

    Keep up the good work, Maggie.

  • Steve

    You’re doing a fine job here Maggie. And the “link-arounds” are somewhat difficult to keep up with in doing. I do nearly all my blogging from work so my time is very limited and I think all of us are somewhat “undisciplined” at times for one reason or another.
    I see our friend L.D. Jackson agrees. His site is one of the best.

    • Gosh, you guys are going to make me blush. I appreciate the compliments though.

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