Air Force Requisition for Human Bio-Signatures – Molecular and Macro

On February 11, 2014 the federal government, specifically the U.S. Air Force, issued a solicitation for Human-Centered Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. Translated, the government is seeking a way to track and identify humans through our biometric make-up. Such a system could use your fingerprints, your retina, your earlobe, your voice or some measurement we haven’t yet comprehended.

Biometric Tracking

Biometric Tracking

The core RHX mission is to develop human-centered S&T that (1) enables the Air Force to better identify, locate and track humans within the ISR environment and (2) enhance the performance of ISR analysts. To accomplish this mission, the RHX core S&T portfolio is structured into three major research areas:

1) Human Signatures – develop technologies to sense and exploit human bio-signatures at the molecular and macro (anthropometric) level,

2) Human Trust and Interaction – develop technologies to improve human-to-human interactions as well as human-to-machine interactions, and

3) Human Analyst Augmentation – develop technologies to enhance ISR analyst performance and to test the efficacy of newly developed ISR technologies within a simulated operational environment. Source:

In a few years, the Air Force will be privileged to the datasets gathered by Common Core, which plans to track all children (considered Human Capital), by blood type, birth marks and eye color.

Another recent solicitation plans for vehicle license plate scanning and recording in the U.S. You’re at a TEA Party meeting or maybe greeting soldiers at the airport, and your license plate can be included in a “hot list.” See that that worked out in Britain. 

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