A Soldier’s Email: When The Time Comes, “We Will Be Required To Put Down Our Own”

Gabe (Gabor) Zolna at The Western Center for Journalism reads an email he received from a “military individual.” Apparently, a conversation in comments on the site discussed “why doesn’t the military come and help us,” referring to the overwhelmingly, overreaching government we are experiencing. That is all I know about the background and the reason the soldier was compelled to write. I’ve never mulled “why” the “military doesn’t come and help us.” I’ve assumed one day it might be necessary. I’ve thought about how that will happen and, daily, I wonder how our troops hold up under the hypocrisy of their own corrupt leadership, consorting with the White House and Congress to put troops directly in harm’s way through flagrantly dangerous Rules of Engagement (ROE) designed to protect the enemy, and overriding the U.S. Constitution. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the email, but it is easy for me to imagine that many, many of our troops could and would write these same words. See the video below and the transcript and visit the site here.

Please note that the photo above is unrelated to the person who allegedly wrote the email.

Here’s the problem for us soldiers: we can’t trust each other as there are those who are extreme Liberals, Socialists and love the current administration. We are infiltrated with these traitors and we don’t know how to organize without others turning us in, and sabotaging our plans. That’s just one problem.

Outside of that, as an organization, we have become plagued with dysfunction, toxicity, illness, injuries and betrayal. It does not allow for a good foundation, at the current moment, for us to clean house for our country. They know this. They created the environment as it is right now.

We didn’t see it until it was too late. Militants are forming but in small pockets, to [inaudible] fully unite and plan our strategies in secrecy, and there are watchdogs out there watching us attempt to plan. I’m sure every word I’m typing right now is watched. There is no privacy in which we can operate on our own soil.

Our best efforts will only be when they place us on orders against you. That is when we will know what soldiers will bleed for you and which are loyal to this regime. That is when we will give and go AWOL and fight. At this time, I do not see even that going well. It will be chaotic, at best. We will need help and it won’t be just the traitors in the Army we will fight. There will be other Americans, our own neighbors, friends and family who will stand by this president and we will be required to put down our own.

There are huge realities in war we all have to overcome. My heart beats fast when I think what is coming to our citizens that I love so deeply. I am so very sorry. It appears that we have failed you.

After the email, Mr. Zolna shares some heartfelt commentary.

Related to this story is the Ohio National Guard training to take down Second Amendment, and small government supporters.

A Soldier’s Email About the Challenges of Protecting Americans (video)
H/T Anne Phelps and Stand Up Speak Out on Facebook

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  • nbamron

    All those enemies are just here in the US — throw in Latin America and the Caribbean and everybody else’s fingers in the pie — but you know, sometimes somebody just wants a fight, and no matter what you do to avoid and put it off, it’s coming. You know in your bones it’s coming.

    • serfer62

      NBAMRON…I am one who thinks revolution is the only answer.
      We have NO loyal opposition party.
      We do have “oath Keepers”.

  • PavePusher

    Tin-foil hat material. Get some coffee.

    • Johnbraavo

      Hills of nice green grass for the sheep, you should be happy.

    • Gary Moeller

      Go ahead and stick your head in the sand. Obama has his private army that he wanted in the beginning…….the Department of Homeland Security. Why else do you think they bought millions of hollow point rounds which are against the Geneva Convention? Of that Homeland has pure military vehicles? Or that they practice in shoot houses to kill women, children and other Americans? DHS has more small arms than some of the services! Where do you think all of this is headed? What about ammo stashes in Social Security offices? What is that about? As a 25 year vet, I think we are getting spun up for a revolution! We have to be, because if we don’t, martial law will be imposed and America will be lost.

      • Cynthia Drummond

        You are so right.

      • Tim Daley

        I concur, I had felt odickhead had planned on martial law for some time now, so he can stay in office. It is coming, beware!

  • norm

    To secure peace is to prepare for war this country will be cleansed of all our enemys
    American blood will be spilled so much more than it should

  • Heath Martin

    I am a veteran, go out in 2012 because i did not want to serve under obama. I lost touch with a lot of my brothers and sisters so i was kind of out of touch with how the military feels about how things are going on. I am happy to hear that my brothers and sisters will not follow orders to fire on americans. In the military they have an obligation to disobey unlawful orders. I just hope that most of them will see that firing on americans is unlawful. If SHTF, i can see it being complete and utter chaos.

    • Cynthia Drummond

      I would love to know the count on how many Admirals and Col. and Chiefs and Generals this POTUS has gotten rid of since he has been in office. I know that number is great. Wish I knew how to verify.

      • elijahx

        Last count I saw was 197, but I think there have been a few since. Unprecedented.


        • Heath Martin

          i think that is about right, i know its close to 200. I am telling you this idiots bed time reading is “Mein Kamf” he is taking everything right out of hitlers play book. Before Hitler took power in 1939 he cleaned house of the military, got rid of leaders who knew wouldn’t follow his orders and after he took power he then “purged the military through fictional trials and real executions. I can see this maniac doing this.

    • mackelby

      Hope you are correct, to me it doesn’t look like they will come to help.

      • Heath Martin

        I know my brothers and sisters, i say about 25% of them are the O-robots, and would follow these orders, but the other 75% would come to our aid, and believe me, there is no greater ally than a service member.

        • mackelby

          Heath, i pray you are correct!!!!!

          • Heath Martin

            So do i!

    • guest

      UCI is rampant in the Service Structure nowadays, al the way to the top. Most are smart enough to see through the BS,….that said there are some sycophants that are entrenched in the Power structure and chain of command.

  • Lisa Vacula

    may I guide every military wearing man and woman to Oathkeepers.org

    • Richard Mooney

      There is no need for a created god in order to be a defender of the country. The last thing we need is religious zealotry and bigotism to color the facts with some kind of invented righteousness. The sooner religion, all of it, is deleted from human consciousness, the better off we will all be. Myths dont solve problems. Rational solutions do.

      • Raymond Tower

        There are no atheists when the bullets are flying. The myth is evolution. Man made and unproven.

        • Richard Mooney

          “no atheists when bullets are flying” is totally untrue. When I was “playing” in the sandbox, my job was to kill the enemy. I had no need for a god before then, during that time or after. There are tons of us atheists in the military. The bible is replete with errors of both fact and history. No shred of evidence is required for “faith” because that is what faith is. The belief in something that does not exist, that you take for a fact because other sheeple have for less than 2000 years.

          Evolution on the other hand is observable, documented, verifiable and is more provable than some silly story that we were all put here because of one breeding pair. That would make us all incestuous. Tell you what, when you get your Ph.D in Astrophysics and Genetics, come back and we will have a chat about what’s real, and what is, on a personal level a delusion, and on a group level, a mass psychosis.

          • Raymond Tower

            A PHD is nothing more than a piece of paper made up by some asshole in an feeble attempt to show they are better than others. As for the bible. You obviously haven’t read it that well. The bible doesn’t say that we are from one couple. Commonly misread. The bible states that Adam and Eve were the guardians of the garden. Evolution is unproven and made up by man.

            • Richard Mooney

              When that degree says doctor of divinity, you are spot on. Evolution has more proof and research behind it for the purposes of validation than that sad little book of fairy tales has ever had. But as they say, you can’t argue with a drunk or a bigot. You can have your unproven delusions and I will have my facts of science. I was raised as a hostage of parochial schools, and I know the bible better than what you might think. Then I overcame and put away childish things and became a man. Maybe one day you will let the scales fall from your eyes too, and you will be able to see how things truly are. Good luck with that! Seeing as how you are being led by the nose and being sold a bill of goods, I won’t hold my breath.

              • jules2u

                You are also being sold a bill of goods, and following it, so exactly what is the difference?

                • RM

                  my goods are dealing with verifiable facts, whereas yours are based solely on fairy tales. therein lies the difference between reality and delusion. maybe one day you will wake up, but I am not counting on it.

                  • jules2u

                    Keep telling yourself that, considering some of the things you claim as facts are not exactly factual. But everyone has an opinion, just some are worth listening to and others are not.

          • Gntp NH

            You push aetheism harder than some people push religion. You do see that, right?

            • Richard Mooney

              No I do not push atheism harder than those who push any organized belief system. If you see someone about to step into a pile of dog excrement, do you warn them off, or just stand idly by and watch the result?

  • Swivelgames

    People need to understand that there will not be a “breaking” point. It will be slightly fast paced, but everything will be justified and rationalized as it slowly picks up the pace. It’s not going to be like one day we wake up and there’s people screaming in the streets and other’s getting slaughtered. You’re foolish if that’s how you think it works.

    I pray immensely for our good hearted soldiers, because anyone who thinks they’ll be given 100% of the information to make a definitive decision and whether or not they continue to stand with the entity that may be informing them (be it congress, the president, or others).

    It’s not going to be black and white. A portion of it is already happening and people just don’t get it.

    If you’re a ranking officer or seasoned member of the military there is one thing you will be very sure of: You’re only given enough information to get the job done. You’re not going to be given information to make a decision about whether or not to carry out the mission. It will always be rationalized. It will always be “an extremist” or “a terrorist” or nothing at all. Your job is not to know everything. Your job is to know enough to go in and do what they want you to. Thats not cynical, that’s not an extreme view… you can ask anyone and everyone in the military who has ranked or a large amount of experience.

    It’s going to increase in pace, but it is always going to be rationalized and always going to be *just* slow enough to not be detectable. It’s not going to be like the last civil war. We’re not going to see the nation split into two and one fire the first shot at the other. It doesn’t work that way.

    And it is VERY, VERY important that this be known, and that a CLEAR line in the sand is drawn. And with that, action takes place afterward. Because we all know what happens when people cross lines in the sand. They erase the line as they walk over it, and we draw a new one, instead of enforcing the old one.

    • Cynthia Drummond

      Are you sure that the propaganda is NOT to incite a race war first?

  • Bill Adams

    many times throughout history a nation’s military has been used against
    it’s citizens. Too many times throughout history a military has taken
    over their government for one reason or another. This rarely turns out
    well. This is one of the reasons the US Military is lead by a civilian,
    The Commander in Chief, and under civilian control. If it ever gets that
    bad, it is my sincere hope that the US Military will stand aside and do
    nothing while the civilians straighten out the government. As a former
    US Navy Sailor I would never have wanted to be used by my government
    against the people of America, nor would I have wanted to use military
    power against the US Government. Leave the US Military out of it. Even
    if comes to voting from the rooftops, and blood in the streets, leave
    the military out of it.

    • nbamron

      You don’t really suppose the USG is going to “leave you out of it” do you? So the choice in the end will be yours. Do you agree to be a tool of oppression or do you stand for the Constitution? Do you take up a weapon against Americans defending individual liberties, or do you become “an enemy of the people” by refusing? The choices await all of us, and it unfortunately isn’t a fantasy. It’s happening all around us.

    • gerbilcrusader

      Have you ever read your OATH before you signed your contract? The whole purpose of the military is to Defend the Constitution from foreign and domestic enemies and to follow LAWFUL orders by your superiors and those appointed over them. It is only lawful if the superiors are following the constitution. It is your duty to disobey any president or superior who make unlawful orders under the Constitution. Everything that domestic terrorist OBAMA does is Unlawful and treasonist.

      • Cynthia Drummond

        Citizens following the law are going to be made out to be the enemy.

        • Raymond Tower

          We already are. I have been told by the LAX Police that I know to much for my own good. Been told that the police by virtue of the unpatriot act they can do what they want. This is what we are up against.

  • tommycustom1

    faced with the unthinkable, our soldiers will not follow the Conundrum in Chief

    • gerbilcrusader

      I am one of those old infantry soldiers who won’t. I’ll be a disabled veteran by then. I swore an oath to defend the constitution not terrorist in chief.

      • Cynthia Drummond

        Correct thinking! Spot on my man and thank you for your service!

      • Raymond Tower

        We took the oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution of The United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic

  • Don Laird

    Hello there…..its me again…….Don Laird…….

    Find the patriot soldiers dilemma in that same that was faced by Andrew Durant in the novel “The Devil’s Advocate” written by Taylor Caldwell.

    Long ago I sat and watched as my mother, a voracious reader, chewed her way through mountains of books. Amongst her favorite authors was a prolific writer named Taylor Caldwell. Ms. Caldwell wrote many books, often of romantic and bygone themes. Few, but stunning, were historically accurate novels about biblical figures; “I, Judas”, of Judas Iscariot, “Dear and Glorious Physician” of the life and times of St. Luke, among them.

    Overtly and unapologetically religious, Ms. Caldwell was a very proud conservative woman; that pride, and her faith in God, reflected in her works. In addition to stories of unrequited love, a racing pulse and the breathless throes of passion, Ms. Caldwell also wrote novels with themes of good and evil and the triumph of courage and faith in the face of adversity. “The Devils Advocate” of Andrew Durant, a man who faces a totalitarian State and triumphs. “On Growing Up Tough” a humorous and heart warming account of her own childhood.


    To the musings of the young soldier above.

    Here is a bit I wrote a couple of years ago.


    These young patriot soldiers must seek each other out. These young patriot soldiers must be careful in that search as it is a search fraught with lethality and danger at the hands of those who serve the treasonous and seditious.

    Young men and women in West Point and throughout the officer corps, young men and women who will die before they will see their country destroyed by the treasonous ans seditious, must seek each other out and must move forward and begin to clean the United States of America of the filth and excrement that has been wiped on her by the hundred and thousands of treasonous, socialist, Leftist politicians, bureaucrats, judiciary and military members.

    Senior staff officers must seek out those young patriots who will not see their country ravaged by the treacherous, seek them out and lead them.

    Will you be alone?……no, but at times you will feel as just that.

    Will you have moments of self doubt?…..everyday.

    Is this difficult?…..more than you can possibly imagine.

    Will there be losses?…..more than you possibly imagine.

    Would our forefathers expect of us anything less?

    Would our children, grandchildren and the dozens of generations hence expect of us anything less?

    Here is a little comment by the famous commentator Paul Harvey…….an echo from almost 50 years ago……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  • hearmetalking

    Just shoot the SOB that gives the order to kill your fellow Americans.

  • diana.kunselman

    This is Obama’s fault. His plan is working. Destroy us from within. Pit people against each other….this soldier is correct. We are trying to hang on to our dear country. Evil is here and it lives in our whitehouse.

  • Elizabeth Hamby

    You and your fellow brother and sisters in arms have not failed us Obama has I will love and support you all and sent prayers each and every day and night. Never give up never surrender God Bless

    • Cynthia Drummond

      I know that was heartfelt. Very sweet.

  • Cynthia Drummond

    All I can say is that our military is not supposed to fight on our homeland. Fact 1. Fact 2. The Potus already ordered and had trained those who are to fight on our soil against it’s citizens. Homeland Security is everywhere. Look for their white vehicles with blue writing stating they are Homeland security and also look for the black vehicles with dark tinted windows that would not pass the laws requiring a police officer to be able to view your license through them which is the law in most states; if not all. Fact 3. There are FEMA camps and regions marked and they are for locking us up and located near railway systems, etc.Google that. You are watched and recorded everyday in every way.You are fed propaganda and this has gone on since WWII …it’s just reached a horrid point! That is a fact. Research it. Pay attention to your surroundings. Is brush being cut away along your roadsides now? Do you have new cameras at your traffic lights and govt’ buildings. Do you have more govt’ cars in your area? Pay attention. That is all I ask. Watch the stock market. When it goes down over 9% kiss your butt bye bye.

  • GodblessThePresident

    You people are idiots.

    • Cynthia Drummond

      Great input…an insult. God Bless you and God help you.

      • Richard Mooney

        what god, and which god? The only power any god has over you is the power you give it; especially when you become one of the sheeple and believe everything everyone else says. Glad I am a wolf.

        • jules2u

          sounds more like you are a sheep, blindly following the thoughts and beliefs of others.

          • RM

            YAWN, you are boring and not inventive in the least. Luckily I don’t feed parroting trolls. Reply when you have something original and substantive to say.

            • jules2u

              Gee now you know how I feel reading your dribble.

              • Richard Mooney

                The word you are looking for is “Drivel” NOT Dribble.

                If you do not feel like reading it, then don’t read it.

                no one is forcing you to face concepts that are alien to your own limited understanding of the truth.

                people of your ilk have been inculcated to accept the thoughts and beliefs of others on sheer blind belief your entire lives. This is because other people have been led by the nose for centuries,
                and have become to accept the lies that organized belief systems have been spewing for centuries.

                Just because a lie has been told for centuries does not mean it is any more valid today, than it was in the 5th century.

                You have invested years conning yourself into believing those mythological constructs, and taking them for the truth. People like you always get angry when their heretofore big lie is exposed.

                If you would only read your book with a critical eye, you would see it is full of contradiction, plagiarism, and outright distortions. I attach a fun picture that shows how one belief system views another one. Enjoy!

                truth hurts, but it is still the truth.

                • jules2u

                  I love how you assume you know more than you do.

                  • Richard Mooney

                    Your boring, mostly monosyllabic responses, show exactly how little you know. I pity you, your small minded narrow worldview is indicative of most sheeple. go away little troll, go away. Your trite comments I will deign no further to entertain.

        • Kim Rothermel-Swain

          There is one and only one true God and I pray to Him daily for all non-believers.

          • Richard Mooney

            feel free to waste your time on a useless ritual. it will never change anything in anyone’s life. it says in your own religious doctrine that your deity is no respecter of men.

            what makes you think that a mythological construct is going to listen to you?

            Prayer has never stopped any wars from happening, or stopped any wars from continuing.

            But hey, its your life, so feel free to believe what you want. I prefer action over words any day of the week.

    • Gntp NH

      That’s all you’ve got? You must be one of the “followers”

  • Thomas

    Personally, any grassroots effort to violently overthrow the government is treasonous in and of itself and should be put down with extreme prejudice. Any moron who has sat through US History in grade school can see that. The people of the United States of America are the US Armed Services. Their participation in the armed services is beholden to a higher calling, namely, the oath they take. In other words, Carl, we the People can avert disaster through the patriotic genius of General George Washington, the father of our country, anytime such actions warrant!

    Here is the only way for the people to take back a government run by the banking cartels et.al.:

    This is the oath taken by enlisted military personnel:

    I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support
    and defend the Constitution of the United States against all
    enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and
    allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the
    President of the United States and the orders of the officers
    appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform
    Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

    This is the oath taken by commissioned officers:

    I (insert name), having been appointed a (insert rank) in the U.S. Army under the conditions
    indicated in this document, do accept such appointment and do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, so help me God.

    See the differences? Enlisted military personnel must follow the lawful orders of the President AND their officers. Commissioned Officers are NOT obligated to follow orders from the President. In fact, the Oath of Commission is designed to take down any President, for that matter, all three branches, if the US Constitution is violated grievously and with malice. Thank you President/General George Washington!!! There it is in plain English. Commissioned military officers are the firewall between all enemies against the United States. Military officers are the People with the highest calling. That said, if Commissioned Officers turn away from the US Constitution…then the People should act/are obligated to stand under arms, if need be, in defense of the US Constitution.

    That said, the JCOS should initiate a “Seven Days in May” campaign against the unlawful civilian government any time such scenarios are the only method to preserve and protect the US Constitution. The wording of the oath’s allow the lawful arrests of the Executive, Legislative, and the Judicial branches of our government in any constitutional crisis such as we have today. I would suggest that evidence does exist to garner convictions in a military tribunal. Supported by a Defcon 1 and martial law with the UCMJ in effect until such time valid elections can be maintained, commissioned officers can preserve and protect the US Constitution. With the budget set till 2015, a debt ceiling set till 2015, I call on Commissioned Officers to act dutifully, lawfully, installing a new government within two election cycles beginning in 2016 with all states vetting their office holders through special elections in 2014-15. Commissioned officers shall vet candidates properly and all votes by validated US citizens be counted by paper ballot.

    • Thomas

      The officer’s Oath of Commission is the only thing that stands between us and unlawful anything. I submit our Judicial Branch has ruled unlawfully, our Executive Branch has acted unlawfully, our Legislative Branch has legislated unlawfully. Having foreseen this, General George Washington articulated the Oath of Commission for his officers very carefully allowing them to act lawfully against said unlawful acts. His Oath of Commission has changed very little. Washington’s Oath of Commission for his officers does not contain a clause commissioned officers MUST obey the President. Washington was our first President. I purposely omitted this to allow his commissioned officers the duty to crush a corrupt civilian government, to protect the US Constitution first and last. Washington’s officers are the last defense between a corrupt civilian government, elected in fraud, operating in corruption and the preservation of the US Constitution. With the Executive Branch firing flag officers, with base closures/realignments, with our defense capabilities subject to draconian budget cuts, with our naval fleet anchored in Asia in the face of the enemy, the US Constitution’s very existence depends on General Washington’s commissioned officers. Agreed.

      • Thomas

        We, the People
        of the federated States of America, acting under our original jurisdictions in our capacities as livingMen and Women At Law in paramount sovereign authority over our Land and Country, do hereby resolve and proclaimour
        Command to Our Armed Forces
        , in each and every manifestation, civilly and constitutionally derived, comprisingbut not limited to the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, State Guard and Militia units, Sheriffs,Constables of their respective counties and municipal Police of our communities, each and together to act forthwithupon the concluding

        we convey herein … to wit


    • Don Laird

      Hello Thomas,

      When the commissioned officers continue the course of action they have and to the continued grievous injury of the American people and the United States Constitution, exactly how long should the NCO’s and the grassroots tolerate this?

      Exactly how long should the American people tolerate this?

      Treason?, Treason?,

      Thomas, your historical insight is spot on and a refreshing breeze but you paint decent people who rise up against a tyrannical and lawless government as treacherous and treasonous. How farcical.

      Are the Sheriffs across the United States who have banded together and sent a thinly veiled warning to the White House guilty of treason Thomas? Or are they rising to the call of their office and providing their electorate with badly needed leadership in very difficult times.

      We can split hairs all day long Thomas, but if the officer corps of the armed forces of the United States of America continue to sit on their hands and not act, then it will be a grass-roots, bottom up revolt and you and others can split even more hairs but it will be madness and will result in a “bottom-up” cleaning of the treasonous filth that has been allowed to fester in Washington at all levels. It will be breathtakingly effective, breathtakingly effective.

      Or in the end, is this little more than the gasps and whispers of a dying nation, gasps and whispers falling on the ears of a self-absorbed and ignorant citizenry and a spineless American officer corp?

      Finally Thomas I ask, where is your line drawn?

      Will you sit and fiddle as your nations burns Thomas?

      Will you busy yourself with matters trivial and risk only papercuts as you thumb the dog-earred tomes historical you so oft quote from?

      Or will you, as the old expression goes, “pick up a weapon and stand a post”

      The choice is yours.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

    • Ron

      What a stupid, uninformed comment. We ARE the government. Do you know NOTHING about American history, the American Revolution, who the Founding Fathers were and what they stood for?

      Go back and read your history books, and stop being a scum-sucking, big-government, socialist-fascist. This president has committed treason on so many levels that it’s ridiculous. Anyone who supports him is a TRAITOR. Including you.

    • Richard Mooney

      I never bothered to say of mouth the words “so help me god”. It was an insult to my intelligence.

  • Joan Rogers

    Also know that God is the One Truly in Control, and God will confuse the minds and turn them against the ones giving that order…Word…God will cause them to trip over their own tongues and He will turn their poison arrows back against themselves.

    • Richard Mooney

      There is not now, nor has there ever been a god. To believe otherwise is delusional.

      • Gntp NH

        The Gospel according to Richard “The Callow” Mooney

        • Richard Mooney

          great reply, gntp “The Shallow” NH

    • Richard Mooney

      a man made myth cannot do anything at any time to any one. how convenient to have a wrathful ‘sociopathic ‘god’ wiping out mankind in a flood (which does not jive at all with the geological record), yet after the 1st century CE there is no god anywhere doing anything to anyone. No wrath, no lightning bolts outta the blue. Nada, zip zero.

      There is no god in control of anything. the same god that the north prayed to during the civil war is the self same god to whom the confederates prayed to to help them in vanquishing the yankees.

      The god that the continentals prayed to to help in wiping out the redcoats was the same god that king george prayed to for help in exterminating the rebellious forces of the colonies.

      The god that the allies prayed to during world wars one and two was the same god that the axis nations (with the exception of the godless heathens in japan and china) prayed to for the destruction of the other.

      So much for turning poison arrows back against anyone.

      More has been done for the advancement of mankind with people working with open minds, compared the zero being accomplished by anyone with closed eyes during prayer (A paraphrase of a well known idiom).

  • John Dossett

    A soldiers oath is to the Constitution of the USA and thats it not a person

  • Cash Cow


    • Heath Martin

      who is delusional? do you not think that this sociopath we have in our house at the moment would not order soldiers to fire on american citizens? Lest i remind you about benghazi where he left four americans to die, and probably had the best nights sleep of his pitiful life.

  • Guest

    Fellow Veterans, Active Duty Service Members, First Responders, The Second You Take Arms against your Fellow Citizens, the very ones you swore an oath to protect, ALL BETS ARE OFF! Pray we don’t come to this. Ask Your self if you are put to this task,…are you the Governments BITCH, or Are you Americans?

  • Who do they all fight for

    one day all soldiers will have to chose whether they fight for God or the devil – the latter being of governments, states & nations