When You’re From Kentucky and You Support Hillary Clinton, Here’s How You Do It: It’s Not About Skin Color, It’s About A-Rabs

If you go to the video, the poster says this conversation happened with his parents chatting with neighbors. Note that this lady knows that Iraq and Lebanon are in the Middle East and she knows that Spain is an ally. The surprise comes at about 2 minutes in and she makes it clear that skin color has nothing to do with the conversation.

Hillary Clinton Supperter

Hillary Clinton Supperter

Uploaded on Jun 17, 2008
*ORIGINAL* I came home from football practice one evening and my parents were talking to our neighbors who were drunk….This is from southeastern Kentucky.

H/T to Lisa at Catholic Bandita. She has been nominated for a nice award. Read about it here.

  • What we have here are a slightly higher grade of LIV just barely. No wonder the rest of the world is now laughing at us. The POS POTUS is bad enough but this?


  • Lt. Robert Powell ( Grandfather of 9 )


  • So, what you’re point out here is that Hillary has her own flock of sheeples … Right?

    • Woodsterman, yes. Embarassing for her I’m sure, but I was intriqued that the woman knows more than an average college student interviewed on a beach.