Watcher of Weasels Council Nominations: TY for My Council Nomination for Malik Obama Story

Malik Obama, photo courtesy of Walid Shoebat (click for more)

Malik Obama

Sara Noble at The Independent Sentinel has nominated my post on Malik Obama and his corrupt ties to Hamas, the genocidal president of Sudan and his close ties to his half-brother, Barack Obama. Malik is in-and-out of the White House and received his U.S. tax exempt status in a flash from Lois Lerner, herself. Is Malik Obama a U.S. citizen? Thank you Sara! I am most appreciative, and always so grateful for any notice by the esteemed Watcher of Weasels Council. Stay tuned. Winners will be announced on Friday.

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  • Good job Maggie! You deserve every bit of it for sure!
    Sara is a nice lady and the Independent Sentinel is another great site!

  • bobmontgomery

    What Steve said. Just like Rush, you are cutting edge,Maggie!

  • Steve and Bob, thank you for those very kind comments. You made my day, more like my week or month:-)

  • Maggie…Love all of your articles. Keep up the good work. Not sure if you saw the latest news regarding Malik.

    Malik Obama funds Hamas.