Vladislav Miftakhov Found with WMD Bomb in Altoona Pennsylvania: Teen Has WMD, Saddam Didn’t?

A 19-year-old Russian national, Vladislav Miftakhov (Miftakjov), was found with a bomb in a suitcase classified as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, along with bomb making equipment. Amazing, really. A 19-year-old can make a WMD but there’s wasn’t a single trace of one in Iraq — anywhere. The bomb, found while investigating a suspected marijuana growing operation, was dismantled by police. It isn’t clear where the dismantling took place. His address is shown as 118 N. 9th Ave by the Altoona Mirror. Miftakhov is reportedly a Penn State Altoona engineering major.  The area of Russia he is from has not been reported, that I can find, and I can find nothing indicating NSA sussed-out the alleged bombmaker. There is a Vladislav Miftakhov on Facebook showing Moscow, Russia and San Carlos, California. Is the Facebook Vladislav Miftakhov the same as the alleged bombmaker Vladislav Miftakhov? I don’t know. What do you think? View the latest update here – bomb components have been released.

UPDATE: 3:23 p.m. CST: An Altoona Mirror update says Miftakhov has been jailed on “$500,000 straight bail,” and states that he is unable to post bail. According to the docket, Miftakhov was born November 7, 1995. He is shown as a white male and is incarcerated at the Blair County Jail. The arresting officer is Christopher M. Moser.

Vladislav Miftakhov: Photo with reports of arrest

Vladislav Miftakhov: Photo with reports of arrest

Vladislav Miftakhov, Facebook 2011

Vladislav Miftakhov, Facebook 2011

Vladislav Miftakhov: Facebook Profile Pick, January 5, 2014

Vladislav Miftakhov: Facebook Profile Pick, January 5, 2014

He is charged with possessing a weapon of mass destruction, risking a catastrophe, possessing instruments of crime, prohibited offensive weapons, incendiary devices, recklessly endangering another person, and several drug-related charges. Source: Altoona Mirror

Is Miftakhov here on a Green Card? Someone with his name went to high school in California. Are taxpayers paying for school grants or guaranteeing education loans for this man? Will Homeland Security deport him?  Why didn’t NSA pick-up on this Russian national? What makes this bomb a WMD, when NOTHING found in Iraq is considered to be a WMD?

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  • Ref:”A 19-year-old can make a WMD but there’s wasn’t a single trace of one in Iraq — anywhere.”
    What about the 1.77 metric tons removed from Iraq by the IAEA in conjunction with the US Army and the US Department of Energy who released a press release on that very same subject in June or July of 2004?

    • WhoBeen, you’re referring to the yellowcake that was shipped to Canada?

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Don’t forget the steady stream of trucks from Saddam’s weapons wharehouses to the Bakaa Valley in Syria. Or the steady stream of cargo planes out of Baghdad to Russia removing all the evidence of Russia’s part in Saddam’s WMDs. I have never understood why the official story is stil tjhat there were no WMD’s in Iraq. I suspect there was a deal with Russia or even possiby France or Germany who also helped Saddam.

  • thomas

    FYI google is your friend. WMD’s were indeed found in Iraq. You lose credibility when you spew crap like that as facts even if it fits the agenda you want to believe.

    • Thomas, I don’t understand what you are saying? You’ve said WMDS “were indeed found in Iraq,” but I’ve said something that what…refutes that? What “facts” are you referring to and why the snark about Google?

  • Gone With The Wind, WhoBeen’s comment went to spam so we had a discussion via email about the trucks into Syria, and then there was all that yellowcake. I don’t think I was aware of flights out of Baghdad to Russia. I can’t figure out why the Bush admin handled it the way they did. They WMD in the gulf war and threatened to use them. The GOP is stupid.

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