Sworn Testimony: “Goal of the EPA to “Modify the DNA of the Capitalist System.”

Institute for Energy Research Senior Vice President, Dan Kish, says this is the smoking gun. John Beale, a former Senior EPA official has been sentenced to prison for defrauding the federal government of almost $900,000 — all this while “posing as a secret agent for the CIA,” which he was not, and which he fabricated for his own purposes. Beale also claimed to have malaria from a tour of duty in Vietnam. He didn’t have malaria and he did not serve in Vietnam.

John Beale

John Beale

In House Oversight and Government Reform Committee testimony, Beale said EPA Assistant Administrator Gina McCarthy had a project she wanted him to work on, but he also had a project he was interested in. He explained it to her, and did work on that project, which according to Page 21 of his testimony breaks down to three parts, the third being of interest:

1. Get familiar with the “enormous” body of literature on “improving the environment (water and air quality) — necessary because capitalism creates a system where businesses and individuals pass on the costs of regulatory processes, which in turn can “maximize profits and minimize costs.”

2. Interviewing academic experts, business experts and people in other countries that are causing pollution.

3. Proposing specific measures for legislators or administrators to “modify the DNA of the capitalist system….”

The above was under Gina McCarthy beginning in 2009. Again, here’s the link to the testimony and the “DNA” quote which no one but Fox and bloggers are talking about, along with IER.

Beale said in the time period from 2000 until 2005:

I was in charge of EPA’s work on climate change, which meant I was regularly part of State Department delegations, on delegations in support of the State Department work on climate change, meetings at the White House, meeting with other departments, developing strategies and decision, helping make decision on scientific work that should be developed within the government.

The immediately above happened during the G.W. Bush administration. Beale said during that time “we taught” the Chinese how to do an emission trading system. Perhaps that’s the infamous and fairly defunct carbon credit scam. We paid him to do this.

Kish at IER:

“In his testimony under oath, Beale, perhaps unwittingly, has laid bare the administration’s end goal. The President’s policies are not about carbon, they are not about coal, they are not even about energy and the environment. They are about fundamentally altering the DNA of the capitalist system. These policies are not about energy, but power.

Beale was sentenced yesterday to 32 months in prison. He has paid $886,000 “in restitution and owes more than a half-million dollars in forfeiture,” which he is expected to pay to the DOJ “within the next month.” It’s not clear to me how he bilked the almost million dollars but he got paid for being a CIA spy, when he wasn’t. How can that happen?

The case stood out as one of the more bizarre schemes run against the government in recent memory. Beale allegedly billed the government for first-class plane tickets and, for years, got paid for a spy job he never had.

Beale’s trickery began more than a decade ago and was largely a scheme to collect unearned pay over roughly 13 years — essentially by saying he needed to take off one workday a week for CIA missions.

In 2000, Beale started indicating on his EPA electronic calendar that he was working at the CIA’s Directorate of Operations. He told an EPA manager that he had been assigned to an interagency, special advisory group and continued to take the extra day off until 2008, at which point he took off for about six months, telling managers and employees he was working on the research project or working for “Langley,” where the CIA is based.

Beale was sentenced in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The maximum statutory prison term for such a crime is 10 years, according to court documents. But prosecutors agreed to a mid-range sentence. Source: Fox News

The CIA cut a check for one day a week, and for a six month period for someone not on its payroll records? No. His EPA salary covered one day off a week that he didn’t show up, plus the six month period that he said he overseas on CIA business.

Cell phone records showed that when Beale said he was in Pakistan on CIA business, he was really in his home on Cape Cod.

Do you think Beale will spend even close to 32 months in prison? He won’t. He’s a Democrat, he’s paying back the money, and he is a soldier in the green movement. He’ll be out sooner rather than later.

If you have time, do an online search and see if you can find ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or MSNBC talking about changing the “DNA of capitalism” in connection to John Beale. I haven’t found such report. Fox and bloggers, yes. Main stream media, no.

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