Someone Comments ‘Can’t We Just Lighten Up?’ But Then There’s This…Defense for Pakistani Suicide Bombers

I was visiting Facebook friend Shane Borgess and found the graphic below. When I clicked to enlarge it, I found it came from the Occupy Portland page, and I noticed this comment: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could just lighten up once in awhile.” I had already had a good laugh, but wouldn’t you know “occupiers” would be the first to call “racism” in defense of Pakistani suicide bombers? Peeing and other things on cop cars, smoking weed in city parks, leaving their junk behind, including dirty needles, all for taxpayers to clean-up, and even committing murder, occupiers sure have reasons to whine because their pathetic movement went nowhere. To be clear, I am not accusing Portland Occupiers of murder or peeing or the other activities I mentioned above, but some in the Portland movement were reportedly arrested for “squatting in two homes,” where “documents” were found showing a plan to “victimize an elderly property owner.” In the document, the “elderly property owner” was described as “a batty old lady and her bed ridden husband.”


This is who you pro-ILLEGAL, Law-breaking SCUMBAGS take up for, may you rot in hell forever, you filth.  This is “Liberal” Looooove… Can’t you feel the LOVE, peace, harmony of the liberal, progressive, satanic, HOLOCAUST machine?? Fleabags.  Maggots, disgusting, debaucherous, swine. Source: The Mad Jewess

Here are a few other comments from the page:

There are so many classist and racist innuendos in this post.

The good news is that when Obamacare kicks in, it will cover the cost of removing that giant stick from your ass. Lighten up!

● Somebody always cries f**king racism. Get over it. You can find racism in anything if you look hard enough. You can also find a f**king job if you look hard enough but it would be easier to bitch about not having one or get on the computer & pick apart some post that was intended for humor.

● This is racist as shit.

● If you didn’t get it you probably still live with mom

● Well, the good news is that we still have all 57 states.

● I’d like to hear some of the Pakistanis jokes about us. How PC are they over there?

● You pc correct idiots are the reason our economy is in the shape its in. If you’re offended by everydamn thing said in this country any more get the hell out. We have freedom of sspeech. You have freedom of stupidity too. You exercise your right daily. So will we.

● Empathy is a condition abused by minorities to push their agendas – I never see minorities standing up for abuses of the masses!!

● And now with your salad you can get only 500 Island Dressing.

I’ll leave you with this, also found on Facebook


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