Sen Jeff Sessions: GOP Immigration Principles Same as Senate — Did Cecilia Munoz Work With Republicans?

I said it yesterday and Senator Jeff Sessions is confirming it, the House Immigration “principles” are nothing more than what the Senate has already passed. Sessions also confirmed my suspicion that the border, under Republicans, will not be secured before illegal aliens are put on a pathway to being here forever without worry of criminal behavior. Sessions confirms that the same special interest groups that were embedded into the Senate bill worked with Republicans on “principles.” From prior posts, those consultants may include Cecilia Munoz, a White House Policy Director, formerly with the National Council of LaRaza. Let us ask if anything in the graphic below, outlining what the Senate bill allows, has been changed in the House “principles,” and let us ask who consulted with Republicans.

Crime Pays For Illegal Aliens

Crime Pays For Illegal Aliens

Once again, we have the same recycled talking points—crafted, it would appear, with the help of the same consultants and special interests,” Sessions said in a statement. …

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

Specifically, Sessions laid out three manners in which the House GOP leadership’s plan reflect the Senate Gang of Eight bill: amnesty before securing the border and enforcing America’s interior immigration laws; a massive increase in legal immigration “that is reducing wages and increasing unemployment”; and an offer of “eventual citizenship” to illegal aliens inside America right now. Source: Breitbart

Sessions also said the Senate legislation, mimicked in the Republican “principles,” “drastically surges the future flow of new immigrant workers competing against unemployed Americans.”

Recently, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement begged Republicans to consult with them. That didn’t happen. I want to know exactly who “consulted” with Republicans. House GOPers, get that information and name names, please.

Burn in your mind the names of the four Republican Senators that joined the Gang of 8 and helped bring this disaster to a reality: Senators Marco Rubio (FL), John McCain (AZ) Lindsey Graham (SC) and Jeff Flake (AZ).

Why do we need more than one principle? Secure the border and prove it, then come back for the second principle. I have a tab under my banner with background on amnesty and the Senate bill. Find it here.

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