Ron Johnson Sues to Deny Congress ObamaCare Exemptions: Remember the Roberts Tax?

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is filing a lawsuit in Wisconsin to force Congress to be the recipients of the same ObamaCare reality that you and I face. We have no exemptions. Congress should have no exemptions. I believe as written now, you and I pay 72% of Congress’ healthcare under ObamaCare. Remember the Roberts tax. Read more below.

Senator Ron Johnson

Senator Ron Johnson

It is clear that this special treatment, via a ruling by the president’s Office of Personnel Management, was deliberately excluded in the law. During the drafting, debate and passage of ObamaCare, the issue of how the law should affect members of Congress and their staffs was repeatedly addressed. Even a cursory reading of the legislative history clearly shows the intent of Congress was to ensure that members and staff would no longer be eligible for their current coverage under the Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan.

The law states that as of Jan. 1, 2014, the only health-insurance plans that members of Congress and their staffs can be offered by the federal government are plans “created under” ObamaCare or “offered through an Exchange” established under ObamaCare.

Furthermore, allowing the federal government to make an employer contribution to help pay for insurance coverage was explicitly considered, debated and rejected. In doing so, Congress established that the only subsidy available to them would be the same income-based subsidy available to every other eligible American accessing insurance through an exchange. This was the confidence-building covenant supporters of the law made to reassure skeptics that ObamaCare would live up to its billing. They wanted to appear eager to avail themselves of the law’s benefits and be more than willing to subject themselves to the exact same rules, regulations and requirements as their constituents. Source: Ron Johnson, Wall Street (all emphasis is mine) Journal

Yes, Congress and their staffers must apply on available exchanges, but you and I pay the bulk of their cost. To be exact, only about half of Americans pay for all of Congress to receive their outsized subsidy. Only those paying taxes must participate in this evil clown show.

More from Senator Johnson:

Eager, that is, until they began to understand what they had actually done to themselves. For instance, by agreeing to go through an exchange they cut themselves off from the option of paying for health care with pretax dollars, the way many Americans will continue to do through employer-supplied plans. That’s when they went running to President Obama for relief. The president supplied it via the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which issued a convoluted ruling in October 2013 that ignores the clear intent and language of the law. After groping for a pretext, OPM essentially declared the federal government a small employer—magically qualifying members of Congress for coverage through a Small Business Health Options Program, exchanges where employers can buy insurance for their employees. (all emphasis mine)

Neat trick, huh? Except that in issuing the ruling, OPM exceeded its statutory jurisdiction and legal authority….

Republicans have tried to correct the lawlessness through legislation, all of which Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) has blocked.

As we think about ObamaCare, there is an important fact we must not forget and that we must continually talk about leading up to the elections. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, ruled that ObamaCare is a tax, but only Congress can tax the people and ObamaCare legislation was not passed as a tax — was NOT tax legislation. The administration did not use the argument at SCOTUS that ObamaCare is a tax. Roberts came up with this little scam on his own.

The law is designed to require healthy persons to pay inordinately more for health insurance to fund those the government deems unable to pay for themselves. This means premiums are not only required under threat of penalty, but more expensive. Under Roberts’ ruling, that expense is a tax, but when Obama exempted Congress, you, the healthy person with higher premiums, are now taxed again, this time for those who can bear the burden for themselves, just as you are doing. Members of Congress tell us their poorly paid staffers cannot afford the premiums and without help, their offices will experience “brain drain,” — staffers leaving en mass for better paying jobs, but  really, if their salaries are low enough, they will receive the same subsidies every other American with low income receives. Fair enough if anything about ObamaCare is fair. Nothing is.

Roberts cannot tax. Only Congress may tax. Congress DID NOT tax.

Linked at What Bubba Know, and he knows a lot. Did you know Washington, DC had 1400 armed robberies in 2013? Read more here.

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