Rand Paul: “Most of the People in Kentucky Are Automatically Enrolled in Medicaid” — Including His Son!

That’s a direct quote from Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) who tried to sign-up his son for an ObamaCare health insurance policy. That wasn’t possible until the son showed-up at the “welfare” office to prove he “existed.” After that trip, his son received his Medicaid card. Senator Paul did not sign-up his son for Medicaid. He signed-up his son up for a plan that he, the Dad, would pay for every month. Paul made the statement about Kentucky to George Stephanopoulos: “most of the people in Kentucky are automatically being enrolled in Medicaid….”

Rand Paul

Rand Paul

Medicaid is lousy health care. I don’t want my son on Medicaid and I would be furious to know that he had been enrolled without that enrollment being the intent of his family, who could afford better care and was willing to pay for better care. Who do these people think they are?


You must see the plan behind this. Medicaid will be single-payer, universal health care – the long-yearned for Democrat tool to control us by taking away our choices. With Medicaid, there are no choices. Read Senator Paul’s interview here.

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  • amnesty rand

    Paul is nothing but a scamming AMNESTY shill.
    Like Rubio, Paul Ryan, Boehner.. these people act as shills for global corp interests who want a desperate workforce and slave wages… which is why these shills all promote mass 3rd world illegal amnesty no matter how many of their constituents all tell them ”NO WAY!”

    The global corp paymasters of Rubio, Ryan, Paul etc.. need two things–

    1) a huge labor surplus = more workers than available jobs. This is easily accomplished with endless waves of 3rd world slave labor migrants to flood the USA labor pool and keep the job market a employers dream market artificially.

    2) no social safety net or option for those americans they intend to outsource the jobs of, offshore the industries that employ them, or replace with imported 3rd world slave labor.
    Simply outsourcing the employment of millions of formerly middle class americans does not reduce them to slave laborers working for 3rd world wages as long as a social safety net exists to keep them protected from this outcome.

    This is why these shills are so hostile to any minor social safety net expenditures, while they are willing to deficit spend trillions to occupy foreign countries for the benefit of their global corp paymasters quite happily. The cost of a unemployment extension for laid-off 50 year old americans with kids and mortgages is less than two weeks cost for occupying afghanistan.

    These unemployed people in many cases are older, have homes and mortgages, and will be wards of the state for decades because of the deliberate trade scams and outsourcing that democrat and republican ‘free trade’ shills caused by sending our manufacturing core to the 3rd world. What i am NOT hearing in all this bllather from the likes of amnesty Rand, is discussion about ending NAFTA and like trade scams, as well as ending all labor migration INTO the USA, along with expellling illegal alien to create jobs for these unemployed americans.

    Until you reverse the trade scams, outsourcing of jobs, and insourcing of the 3rd world labor that rand loves so dearly, these older american workers cannot go back to work because the jobs dont exist due to this socially engineered crisis that was designed from the beginning to cause massive domestic unemployment.

  • pa

    I remember reading someone in the comments somewhere who said that once you are enrolled in Medicaid, you can never cancel Medicaid and move on to a better healthcare plan. You are forever trapped in a social welfare program, no matter how much your personal finances may improve over time.

    Is that correct? Does Medicaid enrollment make one permanently dependent on government-run healthcare?

    • Rands Ruse

      Thats sort of like asking “how do I un-enroll from Selective Service Registration” or “how do I un-record my birth certificate on file with govt agencies”.

      No one can ever MAKE you file a claim for govt medicare treatment- you have to actively invoke that coverage and before Obamcare people could always invoked a private HC policy that had better coverage and no co-pay although they were medicare enrolled.
      After Obamacare, you can still pay for and use a private HC Obamacare garbage policy if you want to,..
      you simply are not obligated to if you are approved for Medicare.

      This is a totally disingenuous argument from Rand Paul.
      Kids are enrolled “automatically” in medicare because the child has no personal income and no ability to act on its own behalf, and if the parent is destitute or unable to pay, Medicare is obligated to pick up the cost of a minor without any income or family support.

      It would be great if we had not acted to send tens of millions of working peoples jobs to China and Mexico, while importing Mexican and Chinese serf labor to the USA to crush working americans income, but that policy is WHY so many people are on govt benefits.

      No country can have HC insurance in a primarily SERVICE economy, and we have a primarily service economy due to people getting paid off to vote for rigged trade deals that created huge profits for global companies. HC insurance originated when we were the worlds MANUFACTURING center and made durable goods of value, not sandwiches.

      When Clinton and Bush I faced off against Ross Perot in the presidential debate, he warned that their economic treason to Red China on behalf of global speculators would create a “GIANT SUCKING SOUND” that would be americans jobs leaving the USA.

      Perot got mocked and snickered at by Bush and Clinton, and he was clearly 100% right, while the treason of Bush and Clinton to working americans was just as clear. These working americans did not vote for these rigged trade bills, they are victims of these bills.
      Its folks like Ryan Obama and Rand who now push the same policies that pushed so many american families into misery and poverty that Perot was the only one willing to speak the truth about.

      These elites are not liberal or conservative, they are globalists and internationalists, and are not affected by what they are wreaking on americans, nor do they care. They get paid massive “donations” by internationally connected financial and business interests to attack the american working class and open them up to these destructive policies.