On 34th Anniv of Escape of 6 Americans from Iran, Andrea Mitchell Said Iran Was an Ally Before Bush’s Axis of Evil Speech

Andrea Mitchell hosted a panel yesterday and said that George W. Bush changed the direction of our relationship with Iran when he included the Islamic country in the “Axis of Evil” along with Iraq and North Korea. Iran, she said, had been “more or less an American ally,” until that time. Thirty-four years ago yesterday, January 27, 1980, the six Americans caught-up in the Iranian

Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell

Hostage Crisis, but hidden by the Canadian Embassy, were escaping the country with Canadian diplomatic passports. The six avoided capture when our Embassy was attacked and occupied. A stealth covert operation allowed them to flee. The six escaped the fate of the fifty-two American Embassy workers who were held hostage, in prison in Tehran for most of the 444 days, until the day Reagan was sworn into office. At no time since the 1979 “Iranian Hostage Crisis, has Iran been an ally, including a “more or less” ally of the United States. One more confirmation of Andrea Mitchell’s ignorance, and eager willingness to rewrite history, or worse, side with the enemy and years later continue to encourage one of world’s worst abusers of human rights. See the video below.

Six American Diplomats Escape Tehran January 27, 1980: Read the real story of the escape by clicking on the photo

Six American Diplomats Escape Tehran January 27, 1980: Read the real story of the escape by clicking on the photo

“Up until that moment [Axis of Evil statement], Iran was cooperating with the United States on the border of Afghanistan, it was post 9/11, Iran was more or less an American ally.”

Others in the video are ignorant, as well.

Andrea Mitchell Blames Bush for Axis of Evil Speech – Iran More or Less an Ally (video)
Linked at The Lonely Conservative – Read Karen’s post on the intensified beatings of Cuban dissident, but shhhh, the media doesn’t want you to know. 

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  • As a US diplomat retired, I deeply resent what happened in Libya as a whole and in Benghazi particularly. Clinton is unfit for the presidency. In one of our country’s most weighty jobs, she tried acting out her left-wing fantasies of love and peace and people died for it. The fight is on in this country. We’d best start congregating into friendly places if the Dems win the WH again. Only the right can make that happen, by dividing. God help us.

    • norma brown, I can imagine that Benghazi hit you hard. I’m sure you’ve had your share of close calls considering the areas you were located. She is unfit on so many levels, including competence. Everything she has done has failed. Her healthcare failed and she has not one tick on the “hey, good job,” side of her ledger. Remember her meeting with Putin? Laughable.

  • Smirking Wolf

    I was a US Navy Persian Gulf specialist prior to the Hostage Affair and continued as such through 1991. At no time do I remember any one, any one, thinking that the Islamic Iranian Republic was a friend, ally, helper, enabler or otherwise beneficial to the US other than the aberration of “Irangate.” MItchell speaks nonsense.

    • Smirking Wolf, Progressives in positions that include a microphone, use the microphone to rewrite history. Yes, she speaks nonsense and looks like the fool she is. Thanks for coming by.