Obama: After Health Care “You Muslims Will See What I Will Do About Israel” …What If…

Could it be that…? Could it be that…? I won’t introduce Avi Lipkin as you’ll hear about him in the video, other than to say he is an American-born Israeli. His wife is Jewish and Egyptian-born. She immigrated to Israel in 1969 and “has worked in Israel’s radio service in Arabic for the last 25 years, monitoring Arabic-language broadcasts on TV and radio, as well as in newspapers.” If you haven’t heard this story before, she says she picked up conversations from Saudi Arabia “for years” before the 2008 U.S. elections, about Barack Obama and his future American presidency. She quotes hearing from Saudi Arabia “we will have a Muslim in the White House in 2008.”  If you don’t believe what she says, fine. I don’t know if it’s true, but then neither do you. Related is Avi Lipkin’s visit to Oklahoma, and a church that stood against The Council on American Islamic Relations. Read it here.

Avi Lipkin aka Victor Mordecai

Avi Lipkin aka Victor Mordecai

Avi Lipkin and Obama’s Connection to Saudi Arabia (video)
H/T Israel Video Network

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  • I am not at all surprised. Obama wears a so-called wedding band with arabic writing on it. Only he started wearing it in college, not when he married or even knew Michelle. And how did he pay for college/law school anyway?

    • fred hopkins

      …Was that the ring that has the phrase from the Shahada that Muslim Converts swear to for which Iswlam allows Taqiyya lies of convenience? The phrase from the Shahada that practicing Muslims say every day at penalty of Apostasy [Death penalty to convert from islam to anything else].. is that the phrase on his ring?

      • Fred, I don’t know anything about “Shahada” but have heard that it says “There is no God but Allah,” but I really don’t know. Interesting though – is he a convert or was he born to it, if he is a Muslim?

    • Opus, this story has been around for a long while, and it’s time to start bringing attention back to the things that lend credence to these stories. The Lipkins do that, in my opinion. As I said, I don’t know if it’s true, but then neither do the deniers. Your questions are good ones. Too bad Congress hasn’t the guts to do the right things. We could have been rid of Pelosi years ago for her mis-certifying of his natural-born status, if she did mis-certify it.

  • linda

    I’m beginning to wonder if the Saudi’s were more involved in 911 than anyone thinks? Somewhere I read that a Saudi prince living in Virginia gave money to some of the 911 hijackers. He admits giving money but denies any involvement. There are several huge mosque’s and schools in northern VA that are sponsored by the Saudi royal family. Also, having lived in Fairfax County, I remember an attack on the CIA building at Langley, early 1990’s. Agents were killed. It was never classified as a terrorist attack but the perpetrator, a Saudi (I think), flew out of the country from Dulles and never arrested. Can’t recall what ever happened after that. Wasn’t it the Saudi’s that encouraged the Iraq war? And then again Syria? This Saudi connection is very suspicious. And maybe the reason Obama won’t open the pipeline? This is scary. I fear we will never know the truth.

    • linda, 15 of the 19 attackers were Saudi. Didn’t know they said they gave these men money, but I’ve always thought it was a Saudi deal and I believe the schools are designed to bring us down from within. We even fund them. I think we also let bin Laden’s family out of the US – helped them fly away to never-neverland. The connection is oil and I think that’s about it and yes I believe everything he does, including no oil production or pipelining is to protect them. But then, what do I know. The people who have the power to get to the bottom of this refuse, and we elected them, so the future is not bright for us.

      • Dawn

        Maggie..I am wondering if you have read the article on Judicial Watch which has the FBI allowing Saudis to fly out after 9/11 when all fights were cancelled ?

        A lawsuit will go forward against Saudi Arabia and their involvement of 9/11.

        Documents can be viewed which bring up so many questions.


        • Dawn, I was not aware of JW’s Dec. report that you linked. I was under the impression that we helped/allowed bin Laden’s family to leave the U.S., but had no idea so many Saudis were assisted. Very interesting.

          I’ve always believed the Saudis were in this up to their eyeballs and that George Bush closed his eyes to it.

          Now we’ll see just what Obama/Holder can do about this lawsuit.

          Thanks much for the link.

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  • F. Stirgill

    Saudi Arabia and Egypt also broadcast a TV miniseries that portray the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, which is a Russian book most people claim to be fiction that portrays covert Jewish efforts to dominate the media and world finances..

    Do the Lipkins also think that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are now confirmed and factual because they also heard that on the same Saudi and Egyptian media that said Obama would act on their behalf?..

    probably not, is my fairly certain guess.. The Lipkins are hasbarists who leave out facts that dont serve their goals, and spam garbage that appeals to their purposes. Obama is bad enough without needing foreign nationals who are not even loyal to the american people making up stuff to drag us into global conflicts.

    • F. Stirgill, as I said in the article, I don’t know if it’s true or not and neither do you.

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  • Arius

    Obama was raised a Muslim in Indonesia. He somewhere said he became a Christian but never has said a thing about it since. The ‘Church’ he attended in Chicago is run by Wright who also supposedly converted to Christianity. But the Christianity of this ‘Church’ has just too many similarities to the Palestinian replacement theology based churches to be a coincidence. I have concluded that Obama is a closet Muslim that is practicing deception on infidels. That America ever considered Obama and elected him is a mistake that is likely to prove fatal.