Obama Administration: Friend of Greta’s Tried To Stop Jennifer Griffin’s Benghazi Reporting

Greta Van Susteren documented the numerous ways the Obama administration have actively tried to shush Fox on Benghazi. Greta laid it out on her blog, including a story involving a “friend” of hers in the administration who tried to use Greta “for a dirty reason,” to stop Jennifer Griffin from “ruining her career,” which translated from Liberal-speak means stopping Griffin’s indepth reporting.

So let’s take a little walk in history…just a sample of how the Obama Administration tried to shut Fox News Channel’s reporting down:

In the early days after Benghazi, the State Department omitted only Fox News Channel from its conference call to all the media when it claimed to be answering questions about Benghazi for the media.  Our friends in other media outlets were scandalized that Fox was not included and  told us all about it.  They were suspicious of State Department forgetting us/Fox and courageous to tip us off.   The State Department claimed it was accident and not intentional.

And then shortly thereafter, there was the CIA briefing about Benghazi at the CIA for all the networks – except one: Fox News Channel.  The CIA would not let Fox News Channel attend.

Then we had to listen to all the silliness about a video….what was with that?   Did anyone ever really think that was legitimate?

And there were many times in the months and years since September 2012 when Obama Administration officials would make comments to suggest that Fox was just doing the Benghazi reporting for political reasons.  The Administration was doing what it could to deter and demean the Fox News Channel investigation.  They did not want to give us the facts — so their strategy was to attempt to belittle and demean our reporting.

As an aside, does the Obama Administration think politics is the reason the Democratically led Senate Intelligence Committee opened its investigation?  Obviously not.

It is also interesting to note that The New York Times, thought by many to be the gold standard in journalism, recently reported that it was not Al Qaeda.  According to the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee report, the NY Times reporting is wrong.  (Yes, the same New York Times that reported there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That was wrong, too.)

And then as I was sitting at my desk thinking about the reporting since September 2012, I thought about the weirdest of all and the worst of all for me personally!  I remembered a disturbing phone call from a good friend in the Obama Administration.  I have known this friend for years. The call was a short time after 9/11 (maybe Oct. 2012?) In the call, my friend told me that my colleague Jennifer Griffin, who was aggressively reporting on Benghazi, was wrong and that, as a favor to me, my friend in the Administration was telling me so that I could tell Jennifer so that she did not ruin her career.   My friend was telling me to tell Jennifer to stop her reporting.  Ruin her career?

In 20 plus years, I have never received a call to try and shut down a colleague – not that I even could – this was a first.   Here is what I know: Jennifer is a class act….experienced..and a very responsible journalist. One of the absolute best in the business – no axe to grind, she just wants the facts.

I told my friend before I go to Jennifer telling her she is wrong,  I need proof she is wrong, strong proof and you need to be specific  – what are you saying she is getting wrong?  We went around and around — including the statement again that this was just a call as a favor to Jennifer and me to save Jennifer’s career from reporting incorrect information. I got no proof.  Zero. I smelled a rat. Favor to me? Hardly.  My friend was trying to use me. I feel bad that a friend did that to me, tried to use me for a dirty reason.   I knew then — and it is now confirmed by  BIPARTISAN Senate Intelligence Committee — Jennifer was getting her facts right.   I think it is really low for the Administration to stoop this low. Source: Greta’s blog

Visit Young Conservatives for some short, well-said commentary on this story, and a hat tip to BadBlue

Linked at What Bubba Knows. Read a letter he received from a gunowner and what is happening in that gunowner’s county, and notice the observation in last sentence in the first paragraph at the top of the page.

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  • ndb

    Greta can not possibly be that desperate for friends.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    The totality of what the Obama administration in his willing co-conspirators in the Democrat party has done far exceeds the threshold for impeachment. This is a criminal organization that is robbing the taxpayer, bribing and paying off friends and special interest groups while suppressing legitimate citizens rights and punishing people for simply opposing them. The MSM is totally corrupt and in the tank for the Democrats. They more then anyone else are responsible for the votes of the low nformation voters who pushed Obama into office. The Democrat party has become a crime family and the U.S. is beginning to resemble post WW II Sicily. Judges are now appointed because of their politics or skin color. Bureaucrats are appointed to further the agenda of special interest groups (good example is the wholesale attack that Walmart is facing or coal and oil companies,etc.). You either cooperate or you are punished/investigated/charged or in the case of more willng conspirators you accept bribes to go along with the high crimes and misdemeanors. We are living in interesting times and they will get more interesting.