NSA Collecting your Financial Transactions – Everything – 200M Texts Daily Through DishFire

The handy feature that lets you take a photo of a check with your cell phone and magically deposit it to your bank account, ends up in the NSA global data sweep, every day, all day long. If you pay your cell phone by credit card, NSA knows it and has your card number, and your phone number, and all of your contacts and your conversations. This message comes us courtesy of The Guardian via Edward Snowden.


Daily collection:

• Over 800,000 financial transactions, either through text-to-text payments or linking credit cards to phone users

If you are setting up a meeting through text messages, it knows who, where, when and why if any of that info is included in the text.

Requesting directions by cell phone? NSA’s got it. They can follow you there.

Priceline, American Airlines, Delta, Expedia…pick a company, any company you are using to travel, when your itinerary is sent to you, NSA has it. When you pay for it, NSA has it.

The UK is not allowed access to “untargeted” data, meaning data there is not a valid reason to search for, so they simply borrow the U.S.’s Dishfire which has no such standards, according to the investigation linked below. Everything about you is fair game in your home country of America.

Here are snippets from The Guardian. Read it all here:

The NSA program, codenamed Dishfire, collects “pretty much everything it can”, according to GCHQ [UK] documents, rather than merely storing the communications of existing surveillance targets…

The ways in which the UK spy agency GCHQ has made use of the NSA Dishfire database also seems likely to raise questions on the scope of its powers.

While GCHQ is not allowed to search through the content of messages without a warrant – though the contents are stored rather than deleted or “minimized” from the database – the agency’s lawyers decided analysts were able to see who UK phone numbers had been texting, and search for them in the database.

The GCHQ memo sets out in clear terms what the agency’s access to Dishfire allows it to do, before handling how UK communications should be treated. The unique property of Dishfire, it states, is how much untargeted or unselected information it stores.

Vodaphone, which operates out of the UK said they have very strict procedures to follow when disclosing their customer’s information to the government, and what this new investigation shows is that those privacy guards have been “circumvented.”

But hey, America, you have something to feel good about. When NSA lets Dishfire into their secrets, NSA removes all information about Amercians. Awwww, isn’t that swell.

Daily collections:

• More than 5 million missed-call alerts, for use in contact-chaining analysis (working out someone’s social network from who they contact and when)

• Details of 1.6 million border crossings a day, from network roaming alerts

• More than 110,000 names, from electronic business cards, which also included the ability to extract and save images.

Thank you Ed Snowden.

Linked at The Lonely Conservative, thanks Karen!

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  • Makes one feel the need to go off the grid!

    • Faultline, I tried to think through it today and could figure out how I would know where any of my family were. Very scary. I really did think about it.

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  • Faultline USA

    Not to worry. At some point it will all go down, after they’ve got us all pegged, and we will all meet in the gulag!

  • Xavier

    If abuse is possible, it will occur. Look at Obama’s use of the IRS to punish the Tea Party. If the NSA admits to spying on people they love, what are they doing to the rest of us?

    • Xavier, watch as we get closer to the elections, both 2014 and especially 2016. No telling what they will dig out of those records. The whole thing is appalling and unacceptable.