Nancy Pelosi: We Are Responsible – Call Us Responsible – Is Not My Responsibility

Nancy Pelosi tells Jon Stewart it is Democrats that are “responsible” for making life better for people. “We are responsible, in other words, call us responsible.” Then she tells Stewart she hasn’t a clue why isn’t working. “It’s not my responsibility,” she says.

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

The huge irony is, Democrats are also responsible for not using taxing language in ObamaCare, but allowing SCOTUS to decide it was a tax, when Congress clearly had not “taxed.” Republicans are responsible for not insisting that if it is a tax, then there must be taxing language in the law. Think there wasn’t anything Congress could do about John Robert’s decision? Of course there is/was. If Republicans just had a spine. Partial transcript and video below.

She is right. Democrats are responsible for the entire mess. Not a single Republican voted for ObamaCare legislation, that was actually a shell, not a real bill. Democrats are responsible for bribing their own members, and for not reading what they signed, and they are responsible for not allowing Republicans to have any input into ObamaCare.

STEWART: It does put the onus on Democrats to prove their case, maybe a little more forcefully about the competence of the government, so how do you feel that’s going, because on our end, it looks like it’s a bit chaotic.

PELOSI: It does look that way

STEWART: Why do we have so much trouble executing these plans with any kind of efficiency?

PELOSI: Well again, if you are dealing with people who have no agenda, you know, who nothing, and nothing is their agenda and never is their time table, it’s very hard to negotiate with them.

Also, we are responsible! In other words, call us responsible. They know we’re going to vote to not shut-down government, they know we’re going to vote for the budget no matter how unpleasant it is. The choice we have is to be irresponsible and follow their path and, or we don’t want to be fear-mongers but to explain this to the public is very bad news.

STEWART: Aside from that, more in terms of, like, okay, we are going to set up a health care website that is an exchange, people are going to come to it. Why is it so difficult to get a company to execute that competently?

PELOSI: I don’t know and I …

At this point, Stewart comes out with a loud high-toned giggle.

STEWART: Oh, let me get the uh, House Minority Leader, here, I can ask her (and he stands up and takes a few steps away from her). What do you mean you don’t know? How do you not know?

PELOSI: Well it’s not my responsibility…



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