Jon Verrier Dies in St. Barnabas ER – Found “Stiff Blue Cold” in Waiting Room

Thirty-year-old Jon Verrier checked into St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx with a “rash.” He waited to be seen by a doctor for eight hours, kinda sorta. He didn’t actually see a doctor until he was found dead, his body “stiff, blue and cold” in a chair in the ER waiting room. But that’s not the whole story. He was triaged when he checked in, and was told to stay there, but left the triage area, according to the hospital, and instead sat in the waiting room outside…OR IBD has another story saying he was instructed to wait in the waiting room. Verrier checked in at 10 p.m. Sunday, and was found dead at 6:40 a.m. Monday, January 20th.

Jon Verrier, Facebook

Jon Verrier, Facebook

 “He died because [there’s] not enough staff to take care of the number of patients we see each day. We need more staff at Saint Barnabas.”…

Between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., his name was called “two or three times” and he did not answer, Clark said.

At 2 a.m., a security guard made a pass through the waiting room to roust the many homeless people who try to sleep there.

“Nothing was awry — he was moving, he was alive” during that 2 a.m. check, Clark said.

Surveillance video from elsewhere in the hospital recorded Verrier alive and “moving” at 3:45 a.m., Clark said.

“Then after 6, when security did another pass, he was dead,” the hospital spokesman said.

“His name was called several times on several occasions, and he did not respond,” Clark added, stressing that an in-house review found “all guidelines were met.” Source: New York Post

The average wait for ER services at St. Barnabas is 306 minutes to be treated and released. If you are seriously injured or in great pain, the average wait time is 112 minutes. Both stats are far above the state average.

Verrier had a history of drug abuse but his family said he has been clean “for months.”

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  • Geo

    I’m very familiar with this Hospital, having lived and worked in that area for years, the Fordham section of the Bronx. It used to be a vibrant middle class neighborhood. The Hospital itself was first class and provided excellent service amongst others, that have slid in quality care.

    The Hospital has become overwhelmed with patients, especially non paying ones and operates on heavily subsidized patients {welfare} clients. It used to be operated by the Archdiocese of New York, like many others that have since closed its doors because they couldn’t pay their bills or maintain the overhead on what they collected. I’m not sure of their current status.

    • Hi Geo, one of the employees said they were extremely understaffed. Thanks for that insight into the hospital. You have to wonder why he didn’t respond to his name being called, if that’s true, or why he didn’t check to see why he hadn’t been called. It was many hours that the security cameras show he was alive. What a mess we are in

  • I don’t want to make light of his demise but I’m sure Obama would say that he would have lived if he had only signed up for ObamaCare…you know, just like Obama’s mother. (ref the story about Barack Obama’s mother and her struggles with an insurance company before her death.)

    • WhoBeen, I think Obama won’t be pointing a finger to this man. No matter the circumstances, he died on Obama’s watch, which he has thoroughly screwed-up.

  • Thanks Maggie,
    Speaking of Obama’s watch… Over 73% of our servicemen and women have died since January 2009… I thought he was going to end this war but more people have died on his watch than G.W. Bush’s watch.


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