Jim Bridenstine: Precipitous, Politically Motivated Abandonment of Iraq: Biden’s 40 YEARS of Wrong Foreign Policy

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) flew combat

Jim Bridenstine

Jim Bridenstine

missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. He isn’t surprised that Biden’s job to negotiate the Iraq-U.S. Status of Forces agreement failed, as Biden had previously advocated for “dividing Iraq into three autonomous regions based on ethnicity.” Now with the fall of Fallujah and Ramadi to al-Qaeda in Iraq, Bridenstine says Biden may see his “segregation” policy realized. Former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates is quoted saying Biden has been “wrong on nearly ever major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” That’s FOUR DECADES — 40 years.

Given a resurgent Al Qaeda in Iraq, Vice President Biden may see his ethnic segregation policy realized, following a long, bloody Iraqi disintegration. Yet the violent eruption in Anbar Province represents – to borrow President Obama’s hackneyed phrase – a “teachable moment” for the president: Placing politics above national security is deadly, and it damages our national security, our interests, and our reputation.

The precipitous and politically motivated abandonment of Iraq must not be recreated in Afghanistan. According to Gates, the president’s policy position toward Afghanistan is that he “doesn’t consider the war to be his” and is “all about getting out.” Those of us who have fought for this country expect the Commander in Chief to make decisions in the best interest of our nation, regardless of whether he considers the war to be “his.” Too many people have sacrificed too much for this president to render our efforts in vain for political expediency.

Based on his flip-flopping on Iraq, I am skeptical that President Obama can put America’s interests before political opportunism when it comes to any tough foreign policy decision. In 2007, then-Senator Obama opposed President Bush’s surge in Iraq and described the strategy as “a policy which has already been tried and a policy which has failed.” …

In June 2006, then-Senator Obama argued that a premature withdrawal from Iraq would “leave behind a security vacuum filled with terrorism, chaos, ethnic cleansing, and genocide that could engulf large swaths of the Middle East and endanger America.” He was correct….

I wish the President would give up trying to follow currently fashionable opinion and remember that he once observed: “The lesson of Iraq is that when we are making decisions about matters as a grave as war, we need a policy rooted in reason and facts, not ideology and politics.” The President should heed his own advice in Afghanistan. Source: Breitbart

As a Senator, Biden served for two years as chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Relations Committee, likely the only reason Obama’s handlers chose him as BO’s running mate.

The Obama-Biden chickens are coming home to roost. There’s not a rooster among them.

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  • Dawn

    Biden like Obama believe if they are nice to the terrorists …they will somehow change their ways.

    Obama bundler..Code Pink, is working with al qaeda group. We are in very dangerous times and our leaders do not understand radical Islam. Or do they ?


  • Dawn, thanks much for the link. I don’t believe Obama believes terrorists will change. He knows and understands that they will always war against infidels. There’s no way around it. Doesn’t it amaze you that Code Pink can continually get into the House Chambers for protests. Someone has to register them, to allow them to show up and protest. Scary.

    • Mike

      I’m the guy that wrote the letter “Why I Quit” quite a while ago. But, germane to this topic is the following thing I wrote. “A Flowershop in Baghdad”.
      When I got home from my ground deployment to Iraq, I knew that I had to tell people what I saw and heard there, embedded with the Iraqi Air Force. First of all, the exceptionalism of this country. Secondly, how that trait manifested itself in combat, and what effect that had on the Iraqis.
      The guys I worked with were Generals, Colonels, etc, that had been involved in combat with us for quite some time. That means that we had killed their families, friends, and comrades during the course of the war. One of the Colonels had been shot down by us.
      But, do you know what they called us?
      “The friendly side”.
      Because of how we conduct warfare, they felt they could trust us more than their own. I wrote about the courage of their young kids (20-23 years old) who chose to sign up for the Iraqi Air Force, in spite of it being a death sentence if the wrong folks found out.. Of course, you heard about none of that.
      Anyway, those are the folks that we walked away from. They needed us to stay there, not to engage in combat, but to be a good example, and a “portable spine” when needed. Kind of like the Germans and the Japanese, and the South Koreans.
      Ill send ya a book, if you’d like. You’ll love it.